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RLL2 vs Rugby league 3
RLL2 vs Rugby league 3 pro's and con's and what can be combined from both games for ultimate rugby league game. (This is strictly based on gameplay).
My two favorite League titles
Rugby league 3
1: Outdated ( wii Graphics) unless you have the original game and run it in an emulator to increase graphics by three timesSmile
2: Could use more manual offensive moves: You do have sidestep, dummy, fend, barn storming, spin off tackle, head down and smash, and fake kick, and they all work well, the problem is (fend, spin off tackle, head down and smash is all the same command right analog up) would be nice to have a modifier button to manually choose which one rather then automatic.
3: Sometimes the AI goes a little offload crazy on higher difficulties.(can be reduced through sliders)
4. Lack of passing options: this is my number one gripe, you have short pass light click, or long pass heavy click. No option for manual flat passes, or player specific cut out pass.
5. No option for 30 minute halves (5, 10, 20, 40)
6. No manual controlled impact move
7. no leave ball, if going out of bounds,
8. Rll2 holding on to tackler is better then Rl3
9. passing in RLL2 , over all considerably better.
1. kicking game is lacking, ok but (feels static , like on rails) Actually prefer RLL1 kicking.
grubbers: need more power and length
cross field kick: non existent
2. no manual option to change plays
3. no grinding break tackle system, (your either tackled or not tackled)
4. still to many scores from interceptions (the user still gets to many interceptions and scores on the AI)
5. No, ??? if you made the tackle, yes or no.
6. One on one steals system (lacking)
Now for pros
Rugby league 3
1. Very good kicking system
2 More options for play tactics, that actually make a big difference both on offense and defense.
3. There is more to it then just running and passing , play selection makes a big difference and adds another user controlled option to the game.
4. The questionable tackles add to the excitement, players can break out of a tackles they look like they are being taken down.
5. Spin off tackler animation, is automatic.
6. Announcer actually give specific player name credit to defensive player tackles.
7. Sliders to customize the game, how you like to play it. (More Sim, or More Arcadey)
8. The game is just fun, after all these years, keep going back to play it, something about the game gets your adrenaline pumping.
9. The AI is very multi-dimensional will attack with all kinds of plays, grubbers, bombs, chips, smash and grind, dummies.
RLL2 Pro's
1. Many different tackle options on defense( high impact move) The high tackle Less offload, low tackle less break tackle idea, is just awesome.
2. More manual selection of offensive moves ( shimmy, sidestep, fend, dummy, high impact move(shoulder chargeSmile)
3 Excellent passing options, short, long, flat, cut out. Specific player option.
4. Some very good running lines with variety(would be better if manual option was available though).
5. player likeness
Final comparison
Both games are very fun games for different reasons. There will most likely not be a Rugby league 4 but there may be a RLL3 , so what could RLL3 incorporate from Rugby League 3 to make it an even better game.
I believe there is a need for a questionable tackle, ( I have pm Ross about this in the past) he said that they wanted to put something in like this into Rll2 but ran out of time. The feeling of busting out of a tackle when you are being tackled is key to the excitement in a League game, the way it is now in RLL2 it is either you are tackled or you are not tackled. An Example how this feature makes both offense and defense fun in Rugby league 3. On offense you have the ball you are being tackled you still have a chance to get on the "umph" button and bust out of the tackle or offload, on defense you have two options you can either try to "umph" to bring the tackler down or turn into a second or third tackler to come over and help bring the offensive player down, and even then there is the rare occasion when the offensive player could"umph" enough to break through 2 to 3 tacklers. Nothing seems definitive and that is what adds to the excitement. As it is now if you are tackling someone in RLL2 and you are engaged with the offensive player there is no need to panic (the player is going down) in rugby league 3 you don't know, so you must make the split second decision of whether or not to bring in a second or third tackler or start pounding on the" umph" button to bring the player down. Now, in saying this, this does not happen on every tackle. The addition of play tactics add a whole new dimension to the game, it makes it more of a thinking game as well, and in Rugby league 3 it really made an impact on how you played the game. The game tactics, like setting up kicks, adds a whole new arsenal of offensive strategies that can be very effective. On defense you could run aggressive tactics (on Rugby league 3) if you are losing with little time to comeback, you would risk leaving open spaces by rushing everyone in to try and smash the offensive player so that you could get the ball back. You see, these are just a few examples, plays like these are what keeps you on your toes and the game exciting. Now, I would like to apologize for such a long post for those of you who took the time to read it. But I am very passionate about my Rugby league gaming. I think that with all the help from this community we have yet to see the best Rugby league title, RLL3 if there is one, could turn out being the best Rugby league title to date. In the meantime, thank you again to both Sidhe and Big Ant for raising the bar every time with rugby league gaming and looking forward to next Rugby league titleSmile.

Cheers and Salud

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