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Rugby League Live 5 Wishlist
I get you and it is not a bad idea but I really want the general gameplay to be much improved and realistic first before adding the little touches around the edges.
Hey there,

I'd like to add and reccomend that...

1. More action on the sideline like in real life. We need to feel the great footy atmosphere so that means trainers, players with jackets on, commentators, cameramen (and cables etc.) need to be vibrant and add to the game.

2. More camera angles showcasing the crowd, coaches in the boxes, injured players in the sheds, the stadium, a panel talking about the game briefly would be a bigger ask but nice, player interviews etc. The things we see in EA sports games (although that is a step above).

3. Better crowd graphics (people need to be seated down at McDonald Jones Stadium on the hills LOL and not standing up waving hands above heads the entire match). Crowds walking in and out of tunnels and around the place to grab beer and food would be a good addition.

4. Let each player have a dynamic feel from the rest. Better players act differently than poorer ones. This means the way they move, tackle etc.

To recap... Bigger and better atmosphere, player likenesses, crowd animations and camera angles (and new commentators/more commentators so maybe Joey on the field having a blast of a time). Tactics have already been mentioned by other users.

Thanks for the consideration and input,

I see alot comments about atmosphere etc. If the core gameplay sucks those little extras add no value at all. RLL4 was a massive step backwards for the series in regards to the gameplay. I'd rather BA invest all there efforts on the gameplay, that's if they even make another one

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