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Brilliant & a Game RL fans can be proud of!!!!!
The only annoying thing about this game is how useless backs sre
(07-28-2017, 11:10 PM)Dragons2011 Wrote: The only annoying thing about this game is how useless backs sre

But there not though it's all about getting the passing down, drawing in defenders, creating holes or overlaps. What is annoying is lack of support play, though I'm confident that will be patched
One way to get wingers involved as well, would be to see them occasionally chip into the dummy half role. Think Josh Mansour. (Most wingers these days are an extra prop)

I guess in terms of set plays, it's something they can look at in the next iteration
(07-28-2017, 05:04 PM)ET1980 Wrote: i don't approve of you beating the sharkies

Don't worry. In the real game it was the other way round. The Sharkies have been too good for us. They are good enough to win their second. I'll have to be content with getting my revenge on RL Live 4 Ha!  Ha!
(07-28-2017, 10:25 PM)sean132 Wrote: Excellent thread and posts, 100% agree with these!

Love the player likenesses. They did an excellent job with that. Creates real immersion. You feel your playing with the real team not toons.

Before I bought it I sat in front of my PS4 for an hour thinking should I pay $99 for this? Glad to say it's worth every cent. The work they put into making this as real as possible visually and gameplay wise deserves my money. It's not just a copy & paste of previous games but the real thing. I commend them on the hard work they did.
I play online only and it's junk compared to rll3. Besides more glitches, there is no skill factor. Play online and the only way to play if you want to be competitive is 5 basic hitups with an attempted step or fend on the end of each. The only way to score is a barge over from dummy half or drive from close range. Just play extremely safe so you don't give the ball over close to your line and the opposition is very unlikely to score. And when you defend just let the AI do it, and use the marker as a sweeper in case you get stepped. Passing is not worth the risk unless they are early before the line balls due to the risk of intercepts, forward passes, and big hit ball spills.

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