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Q & A with Ross.....
Thanks @flyingkiwi

We're compiling lists of what people are having issues with, what we can change, bugs, etc. I can't give a timeframe of a second patch as it is not my place to do so (this is for Tru Blu).

We certainly know we've got some bugs to fix, we also know that in the meantime people will enjoy playing the game - it has a lot of new features, it looks great, and it's certainly not broken.

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I didn't want to start a new thread for this but my question is more for everyone that is playing the game.

I was quite disappointed with rookie progression in rll2. Can someone describe a bit about how the stats of young players you promote in career mode (and current players for that matter) appear to improve over time? Is it a bit more dynamic this time around ie can you bring a rookie into first grade who quickly develops into the next Thurston or is it similar to rll2 and most rookies might improve a couple of stay points a season at best?

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