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NZRL - kuwaiti kev - 09-20-2019

Just a little something i'm working on.
Akarana and Counties squads in the fanhub under kuwaitikev

RE: NZRL - kuwaiti kev - 09-20-2019



RE: NZRL - kuwaiti kev - 09-22-2019

Teams on fanhub, still working on some likeness's

RE: NZRL - kuwaiti kev - 10-28-2019

All 15 NZRL shirts complete, let me know if anyone wants them

Akarana Falcons
Canterbury Bulls
Counties Manukau Stingrays
Wellington Orcas
Northern Swords
Coastline Mariners
Taranaki Sharks
Manawatu Mustangs
Bay of Plenty Lakers
Otago Whalers
Aoraki Eels
West Coast Chargers
Southland Rams
Tasman Titans