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New Game in 2020 - drewey78 - 09-18-2019

I submitted a question via the NRL website a few weeks ago. I received below today:

We’ve been advised that we are working with our licensee on a product for 2020.

I hope this helps with your query and we thank you for taking the time to write to us.


Kind regards



Supporter Liaison

RE: New Game in 2020 - Horrie - 09-19-2019

Nice hope that's true!

RE: New Game in 2020 - drewey78 - 09-19-2019

That's the email I received so I have no reason not to believe it.

As to who is making and when It's being released is a mystery. The sad part that mentioned their licensee, which is Tri Blu. Unless a decent company took over the licence?

Ross you know anything about this??

RE: New Game in 2020 - Ruck - 09-19-2019

I'd love for Big Ant to make a new one... I'd be able to stop chasing RLL4 WCE for the XB1 if that were the case.

Ok... still need it for my collection... but I'd at least be distracted a little. ?

RE: New Game in 2020 - Horrie - 09-19-2019


RE: New Game in 2020 - tstev92 - 09-19-2019

It’s a miracle!

RE: New Game in 2020 - drewey78 - 09-21-2019

I see that Sidhe are creating Rugby Challenge 4. Any chance they'd do League again? In my opinion the fellas from Sidhe actually took advice from fans. Rugby League in my opinion was the best league game produced (game play wise) I for 1 would love to see the guys who brought league back into the gaming world be having the next go

RE: New Game in 2020 - TheOdd1Out - 09-22-2019

That's awesome news. I hope Big Ant are continuing to develop what they have but wouldn't mind it if Wicked Witch had a crack with UE.

@Ruck I thought you convinced yourself to get it a while ago? lol

@Drewey I read an article about Sidhe making it but it then went on to name a few out of date competitions. Devs of RC4 haven't been confirmed "officially"

RE: New Game in 2020 - drewey78 - 09-23-2019

@theodd1out yep I read that about Sidhe too but not sure if they are doing it. I meant to write Rugby League 3 on the Wii was the best game, gameplay wise so I'd like to see them try again.

BA have never really got a League like feel to any of there games. They built a solid base in RLL2 but went away from that and produced unplayable rubbish after that. I just hope who ever holds the licence throw some decent money at it

RE: New Game in 2020 - Ruck - 09-23-2019

(09-22-2019, 06:12 PM)TheOdd1Out Wrote: @Ruck I thought you convinced yourself to get it a while ago? lol

Yeah... just haven't been able to secure a copy yet. Finding out hard to find in-store these days... haven't given up yet though. ?