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Fortnite at NRL GF???? - pure_brad - 09-16-2019

Unbelievable surprised they don't have a FIFA or Madden tournament going instead. Where is Rugby League Live 4 or is that up to some other organization or sport to promote. Sports are all investing in exports NBA 2k League, eFootball (PES) FIFA, WRC, Formula One, Grand Turismo etc. Rugby League finally gets involved but then its Fornite. I'm really lost for words why would anyone other than Rugby League Diehards play Rugby League Games. Other Video Games offering chances to become a pro and win prize money. If NRL competition didn't offer prize money and professional opportunities we wouldn't have the players we have now just playing for fun Sivo, Ponga, Tedesco etc. Playing this fornite game how is that going to get people that like fornite to start supporting NRL (Rugby League). Rant Over