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AFLL TXPK Creator - Wouldubeinta - 02-21-2018

This will create a TXPK file from multiple dds files.

[Image: afll_txpk_creator_01.jpg]

How To Use:

How TXPK files works is, I've divided the list of textures into groups that you will need to place in the txpk
folder in the "TXPK_Info.txt". So for example if you want to edit one single texture in this list, you will have
to add all the texture in that list to make the txpk as the same as the original.


you will have to place all those textures in the "txpk" folder with or without corresponding folders, like so -

AFLL TXPK Creator\txpk\heads\textures\
AFLL TXPK Creator\txpk\heads\textures\
AFLL TXPK Creator\txpk\players\carlton\awalker\textures\


AFLL TXPK Creator\txpk\
AFLL TXPK Creator\txpk\
AFLL TXPK Creator\txpk\

Then you edit the headerIndex.txt file and place the number next to those group of textures. So for the top
group of textures, the number you would add is 6.

And for the "ddsPaths.txt" file you would add these locations, like so -


Then once that's done, save the txpk file to what ever name you want and place it in the blobset creator folder
"AFLL Blobset Creator\AFLLMods\txpk" folder and create the blobset.