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World Cup DLC - sanzar - 10-04-2017

Hi guys, 

With the world cup coming up, I was wondering if the team at BA had any plans to release any DLC content for the World Cup.

Lately I think the game play has improved with the added speed after breaks and tweaked knock ons from big hits, so I've been playing it a bit more. But with the World Cup around the corner, I'm kinda disappointed this mode isn't accurately represented. 

I know you're busy with the Ashes, but if you released a patch/DLC product that was basically "World Cup RLL4" with all the teams etc along with the grass textures from RLL3 and tweaked lighting for day matches (dusk in particular just looks way worse now) I think the whole game would feel a lot more solid.

Just my two cents.


RE: World Cup DLC - tstev92 - 10-04-2017

Definitely hoping for this I'd pay for it

RE: World Cup DLC - Yuna - 10-04-2017

screw the DLC. Bring in RLL5 cos RLL4 is broken AF!

RLL4 is so broken that bringing in any DLC is like flogging a dead horse

RE: World Cup DLC - ET1980 - 10-05-2017

I agree with Yuna alot of fixes are needed i have not touch it in weeks since releasing.
Just a real shame

RE: World Cup DLC - BrisbaneRaider - 10-05-2017

Yeah, I played the first three games from release up until the sequel. I'm already done with this one, not interested in DLC one bit.

RE: World Cup DLC - secondsolution - 10-05-2017

If there is DLC I'll buy it if there are some big improvements to career/franchise mode, but not at release. Big Ant lost my trust with RLL4 so I'd want to hear about what bugs there are.

RE: World Cup DLC - sanzar - 10-05-2017

(10-05-2017, 06:25 PM)secondsolution Wrote: If there is DLC I'll buy it if there are some big improvements to career/franchise mode, but not at release. Big Ant lost my trust with RLL4 so I'd want to hear about what bugs there are.

Yeah - I can definitely appreciate where you're coming from. I'm still picking up bugs despite all the updates. Career mode suits someone like me who just wants a light touch and can't be bothered to do too much more than play each match of the season, but even for me some stuff just seems ludicrously under-serviced (like being able to select your own Kangaroos squad etc or change kickers mid match).

If I ever win one of those stupid big lotteries, I'll work out a deal with EA to license their software tools for use on Rugby League games, because it's just not good enough.

RE: World Cup DLC - tstev92 - 10-10-2017

Last WC squad announced Thursday night, here is hoping we get confirmation of something Friday

RE: World Cup DLC - Ruck - 10-11-2017

With the teams now announced... I'm primed for the World Cup. (No pun intended but yay Prime / 7 for covering both the RLWC and the WRLWC... Nine.. the home of League my ####).

DLC would save some modding... but there's time to see what comes. If not.. there is time to Mod. Big Grin

RE: World Cup DLC - Belmore_Utd - 10-11-2017

If the biggest issue with continuous improvement is budget, which I imagine it is, payed for add on content could help relieve the pressure. Im sure the community (both here and social media) would have plenty of input as to what type of content they would be willing to pay for. 

I would definately be happy to pay for things like world cup dlc, gf winning teams/jerseys for say the past 30 years,  retro/iconic teams/jerseys (magpies team with victa jersey, dogs gf team with mitsubishi jersey etc.), dare I say it but even a seperate online mode from the already established similar to Fifas ultimate team where you can buy packs/coins to fill out your custom team but also earn them via playing. So long as a fair portion of money earned is going towards gameplay improvement.

I would imagine a significant number of game owners would happily pay for it because most of us buy this game as rugby league fans and are clearly paying for an inferior product in terms of the competition.