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Hub creations - pbomb - 07-29-2017

Anyone found or done some decent player creations ?

RE: Hub creations - Grizzly Yeti - 07-29-2017

Could someone make a Brent Tate?

RE: Hub creations - pbomb - 07-29-2017

dont think you could make a jaw big enough.....any decent SBW's the ones everybody downloading are pretty average , going to give him a go myself

RE: Hub creations - Ruck - 07-29-2017

The Brent Tate challenge could be on.... I'm sure you can make the chin large enough if you shrink the cranium and enlarge the face.

Been too busy playing with making my custom team logo / jersey / sponsors... player creator will get some love soon after that.

ON a quick FanHub play... it should be doable, but it's going to be a 'Stretch'.

RE: Hub creations - ET1980 - 07-29-2017

been making Classic Sharkies Big Grin
Also they don't have Mullet hair anymore so cannot create ET BUT! made a younger version of him Big Grin

RE: Hub creations - drewey - 07-29-2017

Only prob with the Fan hub is that all created logos are pixelated when you see them in game even they look fine in the Fanhub

RE: Hub creations - Ruck - 07-29-2017

Definitely need Mullets... among other hairstyles. More fros... more 80's.... and more staches... more glorius staches.

And whatever the hell is happening with Sam Tomkins beard on here...

And Highlights... both artificial and Corey Parker.

Haven't looked at the logos ingame... it's not a Graphics setting option?

RE: Hub creations - ET1980 - 07-29-2017

WE must be getting old asking for Mullets lol

RE: Hub creations - Ruck - 07-29-2017

Mullets are a necessity....

When I make my Dream Team... 3. Andrew Ettingshausen, 4. Jarrod McCracken.

And what about Ewan McGrady? Both needs a decent stache and his flowing locks.

I'll return this game if they aren't in the next patch!!!! :p

RE: Hub creations - Jasche78 - 07-29-2017

Could someone please create the following logos for Ground Logo (large) and for jerseys (small)
Country Rugby League Logo
NSW Rugby League Logo
QLD Rugby League Logo
Holden Logo
The word 'Bulldogs' in white with darkish blue background to suit un goal area.

Thank you ...Im struggling with logo creation because i dont have software to make a good resolution svg file.