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My review, Q+A - Matt BnW - 07-18-2017

So, being a member of the media (journalist) I was today given early access to the game to play and review. It's currently installing, and once complete I will be posting my review tonight or tomorrow night.

In the mean time, leave me some questions or requests to test things out, and I'll get to them tonight or tomorrow. By then, more people may have the game and if that's the case, feel free to delete this thread, Ruck.

[Image: El6JBBd.jpg]

RE: My review, Q+A - NRLHalfback02 - 07-18-2017

Feel free to somehow share the game haha

RE: My review, Q+A - Ruck - 07-18-2017

As much as I'd like to abuse my power and delete this thread out of jealousy... I've got the FanHub to keep me busy / amused / distracted.

So... Enjoy the game. Smile

RE: My review, Q+A - Slash1908 - 07-18-2017

Does the game have one on one steals?

RE: My review, Q+A - secondsolution - 07-18-2017

Anything noticeably different about coach mode

RE: My review, Q+A - Blumkam - 07-18-2017

How many teams can be added to a custom competition?

RE: My review, Q+A - Grizzly Yeti - 07-18-2017

After touch feature?

RE: My review, Q+A - Shunta - 07-18-2017

Does it affect players skills/ball handling if you play them out of position

RE: My review, Q+A - Yuna - 07-18-2017

Are there cocaptains?

RE: My review, Q+A - Luke - 07-18-2017

Watched a few videos on YouTube.
How comes it comes up with the player having 0 tries even after they just scored? Seems to be a bug.
It'll display 1 appearance, 0 tries, 0 career tries.