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Pre Orders - theaxe1606 - 05-22-2017

EB Games pre order bonus

RE: Pre Orders - Banks29 - 05-22-2017

Okay boys, The Official page of "Rugby League Live 4" have announced a pre-order bonus (about an hour ago) for the game at Eb Games, Pre-Order bonus is a steelbook/hard case of the game. follow this link if you're keen 

RE: Pre Orders - Matt BnW - 05-22-2017

[Image: VqRuEds.jpg]

RE: Pre Orders - Rock - 05-28-2017

a football or a special edition ps4 controller (Similar to NRL 2 was it or was it 3?) would have been a pre order worth grabbing. Not sure im in a rush for a steelbook tho

RE: Pre Orders - Jasche78 - 05-28-2017

What about pre ordering customers get entered into a draw to win grand final tickets or signed jersey of their choice of team even a table at the dally m awards..... Or even a combination ...or invited to have a pre release play session.

RE: Pre Orders - ET1980 - 05-29-2017

I'd love even a 3D printed trophy would be cool.Even a Ball etc Seeing as the NRL are backing this now get them boosting sales

RE: Pre Orders - sanzar - 05-29-2017

I know I’m going against the general grain of cynicism and disillusionment here, but I kinda like the look of the steel book…

RE: Pre Orders - Ruck - 05-29-2017

Footballs? I like them... but I've already got over a dozen of those laying around the house.
Special NRL controllers? One of the greatest Pre-Order bonuses I've ever got... but probably not cost effective with current consoles.
Big Ant Bobble-Heads? No one has mentioned it.. but seriously who hates Bobble-heads????

Steel Book... yeah they look good and show the importance of the game.

My point... End of the day... it's that shiny disc that matters and it doesn't matter how pretty it is as it's going to be wedged in my console most of the time. Big Grin
As long as I can get my hands on it as soon as possible... I don't care what the bling is.

RE: Pre Orders - sanzar - 05-29-2017

@Ruck - the game is the critical factor of course, but if it's as good as Ross thinks it is - and I can't recall Ross being this proud of a product before - then I'll be dishing out in advance to have that pretty looking steel book!

RE: Pre Orders - Ross96p - 05-29-2017

Surely we will hear something this week