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RE: Dirt Track Kickstarter Campaign - birddawg - 02-27-2016

I just really hope Ross and the rest of the big ant crew take into account how many games they think will sell if they do produce this game. I have waited many years for a good dirt racing games, and no one really has ever delivered. I would like to think that they would keep the 55k they have already gotten and whatever they get in the next two weeks and then find another sponsor, or someone to help fund, and go with it. I would think this would be a huge hit and sell A LOT of copies. Today I just got another 3 people to spend 100 on the game. I just think no one really knows about it, or if they do know about it, dont understand the fundraiser part of it. I would like to see maybe some commercials or some videos going around showing people the game and maybe what was going on with the fundraiser. Thats just my 2 cents

RE: Dirt Track Kickstarter Campaign - Shaun24 - 02-27-2016

They could always go the way of the trend at the moment and make it a subscription service! Just putting it out there. Rfactor2, iRacing, Virtual RC, all subscription based!

RE: Dirt Track Kickstarter Campaign - Havoc389 - 02-27-2016

Add tracks like Lincoln speedway, Susquehanna Speedway, Path valley speedway, and trailways speedway in central pa. Home of the posse

RE: Dirt Track Kickstarter Campaign - cdustyr1 - 02-27-2016

(02-20-2016, 09:33 AM)PaOhWvD1RT Wrote: Just a suggestion, if this doesn't work out on March 12, please dont give up! My suggestion is to include late models, no matter what. Their worth the investment! The only two late model drivers I know would pay to have their car in the game. But since late models are not guarenteed to be included, their just not interested. Here in the states, just about every track race late models on a weekly basis, weather its crate or super. The fan base for this division is huge! There's no question far more tracks, teams and fans would jump on the oppurtunity to be part of the game! Late model tracks dont want to spend $1,000 with the chance their headline division won't be included. Late models+Sprints+the right promotion=$$$$$ which will pay for every other dirt car division. I really want this game to happen!!!

I think this post and few before it all hit the points. Without the the late model option being in the initial reach lost a bunch of backers right off the start. I know Big Ant went back and fixed that. Also many people are misunderstanding the terms of Kickstarter from many of the facebook questions I am seeing. Also which has been mentioned race season is not even started in my area of the US being home of Fairbury Farmer City etc all places that could help promote it. I was thinking they should offer tracks a deal to be come a special unlock track or something if they could get $10000 raised in their names but I dont know if Kickstarter has a way of tracking funds in the name of someone. The time frame is just to short to build the buzz needed from watching the growth of things like Dirt Trackin Mobile app.

RE: Dirt Track Kickstarter Campaign - birddawg - 03-01-2016

Just got the sweet update about Lucas Oil! That is exciting news! Just wondering if they gave any money for the fundraiser, or just let you use them as advertisement? Did you just get a deal on the contract with them to use their name, or did they help out at all going forward with the game?

RE: Dirt Track Kickstarter Campaign - Bgaines14 - 03-01-2016

(03-01-2016, 12:38 PM)birddawg Wrote: Just got the sweet update about Lucas Oil! That is exciting news! Just wondering if they gave any money for the fundraiser, or just let you use them as advertisement? Did you just get a deal on the contract with them to use their name, or did they help out at all going forward with the game?

I agree. There name has helped. Almost $1000 in 45 min on kickstarter since the announcement. I hope they plege a good amount to game. Though I wonder. The Canada track that came aboard didn't effect kickstarter that I noticed.

RE: Dirt Track Kickstarter Campaign - SprintRCR360 - 03-04-2016

Oshweken Speedway didn't pledge "Canada track". Lucas Oil isn't pleding any money either. Just sucks that this project isn't being backed by everyone who likes the page. If they did it would be reached by now.

RE: Dirt Track Kickstarter Campaign - SPONGEZILLA - 03-11-2016

As I've said in the past and I'll say again... those that continually expected or asked for someone to fund the game need to realize that it SHOULD NOT take a company funding the game to make it happen, if there is indeed a market for it. The reality is, if WE wanted the game, WE would speak with our wallets. Those that haven't contributed to the development of the game, for whatever reason, are the reason this game isn't getting made.

It's not on Lucas Oil's shoulders. After all... if we can't get more than 800 people to pledge, what's the incentive for anyone to sponsor the game and pony up cash? Big corporations fund things that they consider to be a no-brainer return on investment. If THE TARGET AUDIENCE is too small, then it's basically a business throwing bad money after good. Why should a Lucas Oil or World Racing Group or anyone from Ken Schrader to Tony Stewart fund it... when we've not shown we would even pony up cash to buy it?

The bottomline is that we, as an audience, needed to step up and make it happen. I contributed $100 to the Kickstarter as did one of my friends. I know a lot of people that were in for $100 or more. You had the Madsen racing team dropping an incredibly large sum. The reality is... to get to as high a # as we have, we've had relatively few people invested in the game. Which is tragic and sad, because this game could quite easily be the biggest and best dedicated dirt track title we've ever seen.

I sincerely hope that even if the Kickstarter fails... that maybe BigAnt will reevaluate the game and it's potentials and figure out a way to still make it happen. I can't say that if I were in their shoes that I'd be too enthralled with the project after this but maybe if they're as passionate about it they'll do it just to show the world that they can deliver and go out there to show the world the mettle and moxie that they're made of.

That said... I can't anticipate them doing it seeing such a paltry market step up for it, especially when they've had other titles in the past that reached funding. They could quite easily find a bunch of other potential game concepts to tackle that would likely fund itself because their fanbase isn't a stingy bunch.

So very disappointing...

And for the record?

If you had 10,000 people (which is actually a modest amount of people for a target audience) contributing $29/person; we'd clear $290,000 and each one get a PC copy of the game and we'd made the game happen. That's JUST those that wanted a PC copy of the game. Those that want a console title would have to contribute $69 and would boost the #'s even higher.

Keep in mind, BigAnt has sold upwards of 800,000 copies of past titles... (!!!)

You do the math. 800,000 x $29 would've pushed this whole thing WAY over the top. Of course, maybe that's part of the problem too as the Console edition of the title at $69 might've steered a lot of console fans away? Maybe had the $29 been your choice of PC or a console copy... maybe it'd broke the bank on it? I know console titles usually outsell the PC audience. Heck... if the overhead of the console title was more, then bridge it across the board and go with $35 (your choice PC, PS4 or XBox One).

I'm not sure if it's past stigmas of the past titles, if it's the stigma and lack of understanding of how crowd funding works, or a mix of things. There's a handful of things that I'd like to have seen included in the base rung that I think were a NECESSITY out of the gate (even though I still dropped $100 of my own money on it and was poised to go higher if we needed to, to get closer), namely online multiplayer in a game engine in 2016 should be about de facto standard out of the box... but otherwise, those that keep pandering for "Include <insert class here> please!" or "It should have <insert class here>" are beyond ridiculous. If you want them in there... contribute the $ and get your fanbase and audience to push it to the that includes it!

All I can hope for is that maybe BigAnt revisits the concept at a later date and thinks outside of the box to make it happen somehow (although not sure what they'd do different?!?). Maybe it gets included as part of a racing title with a broader reach that includes dirt and asphalt and various forms of grassroots motorsport. Whether asphalt auto racing or demo derbies along with the tractor pulls and mud bogs and swamp buggies or whatever? Roll the multiplayer into the game engine out of the gate, set the console and PC titles as a $40 rung (your choice, one copy), and break it past certain rungs to include more content in.

That said... I wouldn't be shocked if BigAnt just pursues something else. It's a shame. I want to thank them for their time and their effort and their passion for our sport. I want to apologize for those that were ignorant and selfish and wanted the world for nothing. I never would've believed as ardent and passionate as this audience has been that we'd reach the stage we're at. It was frustrating to me for a long time, but now I'm just completely without conscience on how we let this slip. It's a huge black eye on our community and demographic IMHO. Absolutely pathetic.

RE: Dirt Track Kickstarter Campaign - Griz16p - 03-12-2016

I would like to know how many other games they needed a Kickstarter to get going? Personally I think it's kind of a joke that they need to have it in the first place. With as many dirt track racing games that have sold in the past it should be a no brainier. Especially in today's world where everyone has a console. This game would sell like hot cakes.

RE: Dirt Track Kickstarter Campaign - jhack13 - 03-12-2016

Couldn't have Big Ant made the campaign a few months longer???