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Nicks PC Mods - Nick - 01-06-2016

Hey everyone I'm not to sure if there is a place for these i just started working on my first jersey for RLL3. I used to do a bit in the previous games but haven't done much modding in a while

Also let me know if I'm posting in wrong area or if there is a site that is more suitable for modding. Cheers Everyone

Wests Tigers

[Image: jZ4xVkR.png]

RE: Auckland 9's 2016 Jersey Updates (PC) - Ruck - 01-06-2016

Looks good, keep them coming. Smile

RE: Auckland 9's 2016 Jersey Updates (PC) - Nick - 01-09-2016

Preview of Gold Coast Titans

[Image: vgZlbUF.png]

Preview of Sea Eagles
Need to do the Eagle on the front.
[Image: rMeQeSV.png]
[Image: 51eJVay.png]

RE: Auckland 9's 2016 Jersey Updates (PC) - Dripik - 01-11-2016

two questions. Is there a website with RLL3 mods, jerseys ect. And does this override the current Auk 9 jerseys. These look awesome and i'd love to have a collection of past and present jerseys Smile

RE: Auckland 9's 2016 Jersey Updates (PC) - Nick - 01-21-2016

Tigers 2016

[Image: GezET8P.png]
Download link will be up soon. Any requests?

RE: Nicks PC Mods - LJH23Y - 01-21-2016

[Image: 2343769428.jpg]

[Image: 10233.jpg]

Could you please do these two?

RE: Nicks PC Mods - Eastern Suburbs - 01-21-2016

Looking good mate!

RE: Nicks PC Mods - Nick - 01-25-2016

2016 Jerseys

Tigers Home
Tigers Away
Tigers Alternate
Sea Eagles Home
Sea Eagles Away
Broncos Home
Broncos Away
Dragons Nines
Storm Home
Storm Away
Storm Nines
Bulldogs Home
Bulldogs Away

Rabbitohs Home
Rabbitohs Away
Rabbitohs Nines

RE: Nicks PC Mods - Nick - 01-27-2016

Bulldogs ANZ Stadium LED:
Dragons ANZ Stadium LED
Eels ANZ Stadium LED
Tigers ANZ Stadium LED

Brydens Post Pads

RE: Nicks PC Mods - LJH23Y - 01-27-2016

Can someone help me on how to use the Template? Wouldys website won't show any of the tutorials and all the old ones from RL2 are dead...