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Coach mode sponsorship "support team" - Eastern Suburbs - 09-13-2015

Hey guys what does it mean when choosing sponsorship that money goes in to the "support team" and can I earn money through the year for support boosts? I've started with $7,555 and by round 4 I have no improvement here.

Also do the stars like "attracting players" effect my ability to sign a star player or is this the sponsors priority they want me to do this?

The manual doesn't explain it in too much detail so hopefully someone with a season or two finished can explain.

Plus I know we can't see attributes but is there anyway when recruiting to see who is a goal kicker?

RE: Coach mode sponsorship "support team" - napa - 09-13-2015

With the goal kicker part either
A. Guess based on player who kick goal for their team in reality eg Thurston , pat Richards ect
or B check the fan hub