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Expansion - benrhino - 06-06-2015

I don't know about anybody else, but one of the things I most enjoyed on RLL2 was taking a bunch of has beens, squad players and basket cases and creating a team, putting them in the NRL and pretty much starting from scratch. No star players, but also no loyalties. This is no doubt something I'll do in RLL3.

I'm still working on the team, I want a blend of youth and experience, mix of nationalities and want to keep it somewhat realistic and challenging.

I was wondering what the most likely place for an Expansion would be in the NRL?

RE: Expansion - RhysC97 - 06-06-2015

Sounds enjoyable, might try it Smile

What do you mean by 'expansion'?
Sorry, I'm abit slow haha Big Grin

RE: Expansion - Steeler - 06-06-2015

There are several places waiting to bid for a spot in an expanded NRL. The bid teams considered most likely to succeed are the West Coast Pirates based in Perth, the Central Coast Bears based in Gosford and the Brisbane Bombers.

RE: Expansion - Ruck - 06-06-2015

West Coast Pirates are a no-brainer... it possibly could be even better if Tony Sage got on board, but either way... with the WARL and the Western Reds as a base, this team will work.

A Second Brisbane team would be the most likely candidate for the other spot (based of earlier talk that it would be a two team expansion).

The Brisbane Bombers seem to be the front runner in this battle of Brisbane it would seem, and while the Western Corridor (Ipswich Jets) and Central Qld bids might be worth considering I'd be more interested in seeing the Brothers Bid Team get some legs as they have a history and support base to feed off.

Greg Florimo is still talking for the Bears, however if (surprisingly) Perth or Brisbane were to lose out, I'd think the Wellington based NZ bid would be more likely...

Fantasy-wise... I'd go with Marwan Koukash bringing an English team into the NRL. Smile

RE: Expansion - SOR - 06-06-2015

Ruck and Steeler are pretty spot on. There were discussions about a year ago in regards to a second Victoria team that would represent Geelong but I haven't heard anything since.

Also, I do this a lot as well. I usually play as the Central Coast Bears and start the game with all Holden Cup players. They all come off contract at the end of the first season so I have 3 million to play with in the market. I always make the same mistake of having a great spine and just completely getting dominated up front.

RE: Expansion - jacko099 - 06-06-2015

I'd go Perth and Central Coast, would be great for another team from NSW in the mix and also mix a WA team in, would also be satisfying to see a Adelaide team or Darwin, getting more people that are into AFL to support NRL would mean a hell of a lot to sales, although it would be unlikely, it would be best for the game.

I don't like that they would consider having 2 Brisbane teams in NRL, or 2 NZ teams, the second of the teams would just be a massive downgrade from what the other club is.

RE: Expansion - Ruck - 06-06-2015

I think Brisbane is finally ready for some competition... it would be interesting to see if they could get behind this one.

As for NZ, not my first choice, but it would help tap into a decent local talent pool as well as make more inroads into Union territory. Giving NZ a North vs South rivalry might do go things for the game.

I love Expansion... spices things up a bit. Smile

RE: Expansion - jacko099 - 06-06-2015

But having the NZ warriors and then having the Wellington Orcas just doesn't make sense, we don't have the Australian (Randoms) and then have Sydney, Newcastle, Canberra, Brisbane, GC, Melbourne etc as our subs, they are our main Tongue

RE: Expansion - Ruck - 06-06-2015

NZ would have to go back to being the Auckland Warriors... so yes, that could pose a problem if they didn't want to change.

Bringing back the Bears could work... their first game against Manly would be a sell-out, but I'm not as sold on them as I would be a revamped Perth team and a genuine newcomer.

Time will tell... depends if the other clubs shut it down.

RE: Expansion - SOR - 06-06-2015

What about the return of the Steelers? Anyone? No? Okay Sad