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RE: Game Waiting Approval - Yuna - 05-12-2015


RE: Game Waiting Approval - davies11 - 05-12-2015

I'm sure there was nothing sinister in your post......or was there.....

RE: Game Waiting Approval - Yuna - 05-12-2015


RE: Game Waiting Approval - davies11 - 05-12-2015

(05-12-2015, 09:55 PM)Yuna Wrote: Well this escalated quickly

Not at all we're just killing time, you should pop over to the sidhe forums to see some burgundy worthy escalation

RE: Game Waiting Approval - Yuna - 05-12-2015

Sidhe is dead isn't it?

RE: Game Waiting Approval - Mckeon1986 - 05-12-2015

(05-12-2015, 09:50 PM)SOR Wrote: It wasn't designed to belittle anyone. I actually get along with McKeon and quite like him. It was just a joke to add something different to the "When is it coming out?" threads.

I will stand by it being a nothing thread though.

I like u 2 SOR Heart don't worry I don't think u work for tru blu!!!! Everyone just on edge and elicited to play what I believe will be a brilliant game !!

RE: Game Waiting Approval - Steeler - 05-12-2015

If they are waiting for content approval then it wouldn't be from Sony and Microsoft. They only check they games for functionality, making sure it works properly and doesn't cause hardware glitches.

RE: Game Waiting Approval - davies11 - 05-12-2015

(05-12-2015, 10:01 PM)Yuna Wrote: Sidhe is dead isn't it?

Not dead but hardly a sleeping giant either, drawing last breaths maybe? Incase this worries anyone, don't fret, pik pok will likley set the world on fire

I don't like mobile games Dodgy

RE: Game Waiting Approval - heartly - 05-12-2015

SOR I understand where your coming from and have agreed with your position at times in the right circumstances. I do not post often, but I am excited for the game and sometimes people just want to share there excitement with their fellow fans and just shoot the shit and speculate, predict, make up crap to pass the time. Sometimes you just do not want someone shooting down the convo for the sake of being in the right, don't take offence to the gestapo thing it's just a reference point I was not calling you a nazi. Anyway even if it's just a trailer I am very keen to see how the game looks and plays. I really liked the trailer for RLL 2

RE: Game Waiting Approval - Ruck - 05-12-2015

That was a good trailer... still like that song. Smile