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Everything we know about RLL3 - benz1980i - 12-23-2014

I thought I'd compile all the information we have about RLL3 all in the one place for easy to find facts about the game. If you see 'p' it means page number found in Keiths topic.

Keith is from Tru Blu working as a game tester (yes he plays RLL3 all day) and their social media person.

Ross is Ross. He makes the game we all love.

Feel free to add any information you have read. Try and link a source for credibility (unless you are Ross or Keith).

Facebook info; you can take a screenshot and add the attachment here.


Official Announcement SYDNEY, Australia – 22 December 2014

Rugby League Live 3 includes the following features and more!

• Improved Career mode and Be A Pro - take a Forward or a Back through the ranks of a U20 team into a full professional squad

• Vastly improved Instant Replay System including super slow-mo and user defined camera placement – get right into the action!

• Enhanced online play including filtering by locality and Online Tournaments

• Dynamic time of day lighting with full sun movement and weather system giving dusk to night progress and mid game rain.

• All 2014/2015 rule changes, updates to current 2015 rosters and team uniforms.

• Over 100 teams from Rugby League competitions around the world including the NRL, Super League, Holden Cup, and many more.

• New Experience System: Earn badges and experience both online and off to rise to the top of the leaderboards.

• FanHub Player Sharing – create your own players and teams and share them online across all supported platforms.

• Dynamic Tackling System: Fend and break tackle your way past multiple defenders and use the new dynamic Struggle and Drag system to burst over the line to score or alternatively drag them into touch!

Offical Announcement 22nd October 2015


Stadiums available in the Fan Hub
Suncorp Stadium
The Gnoll
The Shay
TIO Stadium
Twickeham Stoop
Win Stadium
Win Jubilee Stadium
Wish Communications Stadium
AJ Bell Stadium
Allianz Stadium
ANZ Stadium
Central Coast Stadium
Brookvale Stadium
Campbelltown Stadium
Canberra Stadium
Robina Stadium
Derwent Park
DW Stadium
Eden Park
Racecourse Ground
Halliwell Jones Stadium
Headingly Carnigie Stadium
Hunter Stadium
John Smith Stadium (it's real, in Huddersfield)
KC Stadium
KC Lightstream Stadium
Langtree Park
Leichhardt Stadium
Leigh Sports Village
Memorial Park
Mt Smart Stadium
NIB Stadium
Old Trafford
Pirtek Stadium
Provident Stadium
Rapid Solicitors Stadium
Remondis Stadium
Select Security Stadium
Sportingbet Stadium
Spotland Stadium
Stade Gilbert Brutis

Thanks to forum user theaxe1606 for sourcing this from Rugby League Live 3 Fan Hub Link to thread

There will be no 'Stadium Builder'

Ross: "Stadium builder is going to happen, it's on the roadmap for sure, it won't happen for RLL3."

Forum Link

Release Date

Tru Blu Entertainment were set for a 2nd Quarter release window but the fame has since been announced as missing this time frame.

Keith Hes: Hey guys, Keith here from TruBlu. (I run the RLLG page) We're currently pushing to make sure the game meets a perfect balance of released soon, and the greatest quality we can have. We've had most of the game ready to go for quite some time, including all legal, licences, and ratings and are trying to catch up due to setbacks that are beyond both TruBlu and BigAnt's control.
We're hoping that you will enjoy the game as much as we, the testers do

Facebook Rugby League Live 3 Fan Hub Group

World Release

Keith: As far as I'm aware it should be a simultaneous worldwide release for every console p78

Play sessions before launch

Ross: "We also always have play sessions that let you see the game and interact with us prior to launch, we allow recording at those too, we are an open book. "

These will likely happen at EB Games across the Country- we will find out exact stores closer to release date

Forum Link

Ross: "We always have EB Melbourne on side for all of the games we develop, if it happens I'd say it would be there. "

"If we do one in Melbourne (that's if) then I am sure there will be one up north, I'd be tipping The Gamesmen" p143

Super League

Ross: "The Superleague structures for relegation / finals etc. will be implemented as well - what a complicated system that is!!"

Ross answered "Yes" to a question asking whether you would be able to modify super league jersey numbers.


Ross: "We've done a lot of work around the play of the ball, quick play, defence holding down, etc. are all there with a risk/reward and some AI if you're starting to annoy the ref's.

Ross: One of the biggest differences is the movement in game, it is very responsive, more responsive than anything we've done before for sure."
Forum Link

Ross: "Kicks/Contested catches are totally overhauled.

Keith: When jumping for the ball you have three options:
Safe Catch
Bat Back
Contested Catch

Each functions differently. The one in the screenshot is in fact a bat back. p176

Goal Posts

Keith: The goal post is very, very solid. I've scored tries after the ball bounced off the post into my hands.
you wont fall over, but you'll bump into it.
You cannot move through the post. p179/180

Corner posts

Forum Member: "Keith when a player goes in for a try in the corner and is getting tackled at the same time, does the corner post fall over or move?"

Keith: Yes it does. I've also hit it with the ball before


Keith: The interchanges are only during play stopped at the moment. Would be too difficult to make players run off and on at a button command I imagine. p177

Keith: There is an Automatic interchange, and a manual one p174


Ross: We did discuss it here at BA but thought it would be an annoyance most of the time. p74


Ross: In general I am against the AI having any benefit you do not have. Penalties are generally based on your actions, you shouldn't get a penalty undeservedly. That said, it does not mean the you or the AI get penalised every time, there is some "randomness" along with the degree of the offense (the worse it is the more likely you'll get pinged). p14 This thread

Game Controls

Keith: The controls are similar to RLL2 but not the same. This is a completely different game. I'm not able to give you what each button does unfortunately. p182

Game Modes

Be a Pro, Career, Competition, Casual, Drills, and FanHub.
Edit: Yes, and online.


Keith: I did mention earlier that there was drills earlier: passing, kicking, and tackling is included p79

Be a Pro mode

You can play as a "Star Player" (already established player), "Rookie Player" or "Coach". (Screenshot)

Keith: Be-A-Pro is very similar mechanically to DBC, and I personally like the way it is set out.

Member Question - so like in DBC you have a selection status page i.e origin- fair way off, Australia - no chance etc??

Keith: It's not laid out the same way, but you receive offers from different teams as you play through.

You can receive offers from NRL and SL teams (Screenshot)

The stat system is a bit more like an RPG.

Member question - in be a pro mode, what features can we expect during the actual gameplay? Like are we be able to call for a pass? call for a kick? etc

Keith: You can infact call for a pass

Keith: You can look left and right p189

Keith: You can change the camera angle, and there is a few different ones for Be-A-Pro. My personal preference is the 'just-behind-and-above' type one. p98

You have a Pro close and Pro far as well as all the others

the camera angle is place based. not tracing object based. P200

(Will the camera stay in the one spot?)
Depending on the camera choice, it will obviously pan up and down and side to side following the action

Member - Does your be a pros salary have a benefit in your development as a player. For example, when clubs offer you a contract, does the money they offer you manipulate your decision into which club to sign with.

Keith: It does have a factor, but I can't really comment on the extent.

You compete with other players in the same positions within your team. So if you are a halfback you wouldn't want to sign up with North Queensland or Manly (screenshot)

There are objectives you can meet such as "Tries- Score two tries in a match", "Tackles- Perform 10 tackles in a match", "Low tackles- Perform 50 low tackles in a cereer". We could safely assume you level up and the challenges become greater. (Screenshot).

There are "headlines- updates relating to your career", Objectives" "My Player- Details about your career player, edit player appearance", "Calender" and "Transfers" and advance to next event that requires your attention" in the Be-a-pro menu interface. Press Triangle to see team roster.(Screenshot)

Keith via FB Message: You retire when you don't earn a contract for the next year. At which point you can choose a new pro, a new rookie, or become a coach.
Me: So you could play till you are 50?
Keith: You play until you are not offered a contract. I don't think we've had any one over 50y/o

My opinion: It doesn't appear we can retire as a player and start up a coaching career

Career Mode

Keith: You can in fact be a coach. (I think i mentioned this earlier?) p84

Keith: As for career (I can't compare to RLL2 as I haven't played the career) compared to DBC14 it feels a lot more visible, with more menu options and such. DBC felt very linear in comparison.

Keith: I'm pretty sure that you get to make all decisions regarding what team you play for p110

Carer Mode: State of Origin

Tru Blu Rep via FB Message: You cannot coach the State of Origin
In response to question: "During coach mode can you select the state of origin squads?"

Coach Mode

via FB Message: You can sign and resign players

Online Career Mode

Tru Blu Rep via Facebook: "No online career mode has been implemented"

In game replays

Ross: The replay system is DBC++++++ (Think NHL15 plus more). "

Ross: DBC: Don Bradman Cricket replay system will be carried over. A poster mentioned they like DBC how the replay system will show the plays of the last over. Maybe RLL3 will show half time and full time highlights? Big Grin


Individual Player Traits

Member - Do individual players have their own style? For example take Shaun Johnson's step or the Greg Inglis fend. What I'm trying to say is do the stars of the game have their own personal touch?

Response: As for personal touch, that'd be one of those final things before the game would be release, so If it was planned to do I wouldn't have seen it yet.

Higher rated players, will be better then lower rated players, and their presence in the game would be obvious.

Post Try Celebrations

There's a bunch of different ones, they're all pretty cool p116

(they are in the game) "As cutscenes" p147

Fan Hub

Ross: There will be updates between now and the release of the game for sure however we only release FanHub updates after consultation with Tru Blu management.

Ross on online connection

"It's peer to peer, any lag in previous titles was due to the connection speed/latency, as it will be in this one.
The net is as slow as the slowest part of the connection between the two players. "


When asked if cheerleader screenshots will be added soon

Response: I would, but they haven't been cleared p71

Unfortunately there are absolutely zero females in this game (cheerleaders aside). Which is irritating me personally, because the TB and BA line-ups have female staff members. p86

Default Camera

I can play with most camera angles (become a skill for screenshot taking) but it doesn't me any better with he non-default ones Tongue
The behind camera is the default, I believe. p82

No Photo Mapping for in game players

Ross: Photos on the internet are nowhere good enough for in-game, way too low resolution.

Also, if ALL players are not taken in the same lighting conditions then they will not look right in game - the way players look in the studio with lights or for other media is nothing like they look game day on the field.

BTW With hair, regardless of the photo hair cannot be mapped, it's 3D - it has to be made by hand.

In my opinion we are heading in the right direction and it is up to us to increase the quality of the FanHub rather than take photos and stitch them onto models (the emotion layer screws up photos in any case and makes the face "rip", you can work to minimise it but cannot ever remove the issue).

Be sure that if there was an easy way to do it then we would have taken that path. There isn't. p96

Player Editing

Ross: "We'll be supplying versions of every player, none of them will be locked as you guys may be able to improve them or update them as the guys change (hair, beard, etc...)"

Our Commentary Names

I announce things when I can like confirming the commentary surnames had been added p119

Big Ant Forum Teams

Ross "The teams that I have agreed to add, and will be shipped in the game are Big Ant Red and Big Ant Black."

Remote Play for Playstation 4 & Sony Experia devices

Ross: "All of our games will be remote playable from here-on."


James Ackerman from the Sunshine Coast Falcons
Died playing the game he loved in the QLD Cup.

"He Has been removed. I won't say anything else about it" p178

RE: Everything we know about RLL3 - Joe - 12-23-2014

Good post putting everything together, but just something I noticed but I believe Stad Gilbert Brutus is Stade rather than Stad

RE: Everything we know about RLL3 - krypter - 12-24-2014

I can't wait to hear more info on be a pro. I can't wait to see how transactions work, if you get fired if under-performing, dropped to lower grades, get selected for rep teams, be a wanderer and play for like 5 different clubs lol.

RE: Everything we know about RLL3 - Yuna - 12-24-2014

(12-24-2014, 01:29 AM)krypter Wrote: I can't wait to hear more info on be a pro. I can't wait to see how transactions work, if you get fired if under-performing, dropped to lower grades, get selected for rep teams, be a wanderer and play for like 5 different clubs lol.

Same here.

Its gonna be awesome playing as fullback and you're chillin in back play, then you see an offload opportunity, call for the ball and then you burst through the line.

Exciting times ahead!!

Edit: Hopefully in Be a Pro mode, Bigant will implement "call for a pass" and "call for a kick".

RE: Everything we know about RLL3 - jacko099 - 12-24-2014

I think it'd make more sense to control the whole team in BAP mode, i don't think i want to play as JUST one character for 80 minutes each season, it would get pretty boring, it would be good however, to include the Option to play as the full team, and then the player itself. being that, calling for kicks and passes will be a fun thing to do, just to piss off the pivot's Tongue

RE: Everything we know about RLL3 - Yuna - 12-24-2014

Err no, it makes absolutely no sense at all to control the whole team in "be A pro" mode because thats the whole point of the mode - you control one player and let the AI control the rest.

If you don't want to control one player, go play career or franchise mode.

There isn't any game where you control the whole team in be a pro mode E.G Fifa, nab2k, madden, NHL because thats what franchise mode is for.

And I don't think anyone will play 80min per game as you say. Most people will just play 10mins per half.

RE: Everything we know about RLL3 - ThE_PaNtHeR - 12-25-2014

Cant speak for the other games But Fifa you can choose 1 player or whole team, and from Memory u can in Madden aswell

RE: Everything we know about RLL3 - lionmaul - 12-25-2014

Ross Wrote: Yep, tackling is totally overhauled, they are now dynamic all the way until the ref yells held - breaks can happen at any time.

Greatest news of allSmile

Erase my post and post Ross's comment above if you want.
Cheers and Salud

RE: Everything we know about RLL3 - krypter - 12-26-2014

Still want clarification on the career modes >.<

RE: Everything we know about RLL3 - Slash - 12-26-2014

Rather than a stadium builder it would be good to see some old venues playable. North Sydney Oval, Lidcome, Belmore, Henson Park. Maybe a retro version of Lang Park as it use to be.