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New rugby league game - Joshchuur - 10-06-2014

Kia Ora all, I'm sure if anyone hears about a new rl game - be sure to post info here

RE: New rugby league game - anels46 - 10-07-2014

You know they should make the game a lot harder to saves going through their defense so easy why dont they make all teams very hard to get pass and make the game look real

RE: New rugby league game - D86 - 04-23-2018

I doubt a new rugby league game will come out until play station 5. If it does come out on that system hopefully the AI's defense and attack won't feel so scripted like GTA peds going up and down a street haha... jokes aside, BA have done an outstanding job with rugby league live series and more fans need to appreciate it more. guess i've read and watched to many people complain about what's not in the game :/

RE: New rugby league game - Ruck - 04-23-2018

Wait.. what? Isn't this a thread from 2014... which if i'm not confused would be in relation to a RLL3 game being made?

How did this get dusted off as a new thing?

RE: New rugby league game - Colin the Cameraman - 04-24-2018

Are we counting Rugby League 4 as a game?