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Full Version: RLL in HDR
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For those who have the PC version, an HDR compatible Video Card and Monitor/TV, you can play RLL (or any other Non HDR games) in HDR mode, which in my opinion looks pretty amazing with the right Monitor/Tv settings. Normally for Non HDR games, HDR mode will not work once the game launches in Full screen mode, but it works if the game is in windowed mode. Here is what you need to do to make it work in full screen mode:

1) Download and install a small Utility called Borderless Gaming. It basically converts windowed games to fullscreen.

2) Go to your desktop in Windows 10 and right click and select Display Settings, then turn on  "Play HDR Games and Apps". Run RLL in Windowed Mode, then run the Borderless Gaming App from the Desktop Shortcut. Select RLL from the left box and click on the right pointing arrow to drag it over to the  right hand side. This should then automatically convert the RLL window into full screen and the HDR will remain on. You only have to do this step once, but you need to launch the Borderless Gaming app and have it running the background for the RLL window to convert to full screen.

The results and quality will obviously depend on your TV/Monitor settings etc, but at least for me, the visuals look pretty good. I obviously cannot upload any screens or videos to showcase it as I don't have a decent external camera, but check it out and see for yourself.