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Full Version: RLL3 Fmom Bank Loader
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[Image: rll3_fmod_bank_loader.jpg]

This program will load up all the fmod bank events in RLL3 and play them.

How To Use:
You first need to extract the blobsets with RLL3 Blobset Tools and then select
the sound folder under File->Bank Folder or edit the BanksFolderLocation.txt to this
location - Example: F:\RLL3 Blobset Tools\data-0.blobset\sound

After that just select the "Fmod Events" folders you want and just click on the "Bank Event" and it will play.

RLL3 Fmod Bank
Is this a tool to use if i wanted to add or replace in game music...for example i could have rabbitohs run out to glory glory to south sydney or the raiders run out to green machine?
I am also wanting to put something on grand final music such as Thats my Team by hoodoo gurus.

If so, what limitations are there in terms of length of song, how many songs can be imported, file type and finally process for implementing it. Do i need some kind of sound editing software?