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Full Version: Parental Controls when trying to access community
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Have tried to enter into the community menu to update teams but have been told my parental controls restrict access. I am still waiting for the update to complete so not sure if I have to wait for that or change my parental control settings. As far as I can tell my access is allowed for all levels of gaming. I didn’t have this problem with the last game and wondered if anybody could help me please?

Do I have to wait for the update or do I have to change something in parental controls?
Have you found the solution if yes please tell me
(08-02-2020, 03:05 AM)Abang Tangjang Wrote: [ -> ]Have you found the solution if yes please tell me

I’m really sorry but I can’t remember how I got around it? I think I had to reset/change  the parental controls in the PS4 settings?

Maybe this might help:

Good luck resolving the issue??