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Full Version: Casey Powell Lacrosse 18 Brings America’s Fastest Growing Sport Back To Console
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Hi all,

Some exciting news today! We've announced the follow up to the successful Casey Powell Lacrosse! Details below:

[Image: 28337508_1558699510851187_48877652117452...e=5B16C503]

Crosse Studios and Big Ant Studios are happy to announce that Casey Powell Lacrosse 18 will be coming to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on March 13, 2018. Building on the successful foundations of the first game, Lacrosse 18 will offer sports fans a dynamic, fast and challenging experience, with all the excitement, speed and big hits of the real-life sport. 

Casey Powell Lacrosse 18 includes a completely reworked series of faceoff, shot, stick and dodging controls. It also features enhanced AI that responds to the complex 6v6 tactics that you see when watching the sport on the television. New motion captured animations for everything from face offs and shooting to post-goal celebrations add further broadcast realism to the game.

And, as with all Big Ant Studios games, Casey Powell Lacrosse 18 features comprehensive player and team creators, allowing you to put yourself and your local team right into the thick of the biggest Lacrosse competitions of all. New to Casey Powell Lacrosse 18, you’ll also be able to create stadia and logos, so you’ll be able to recreate your team’s sponsorship decals and their home ground.

“Lacrosse has been one of America’s fastest growing sports for the last decade, and now that matches are being streamed live on Twitter and other platforms, we’re seeing interest in this great sport grow worldwide,” Big Ant Studios CEO, Ross Symons, said. “We were proud with what we did with the original Casey Powell Lacrosse, and the team have loved jumping back into the sport, building on the feedback from fans of the original, and enhancing the experience in every way for this new release.”

[Image: 28378730_1558699547517850_57591681838904...e=5B0AB0D8]

Anyone who has seen a game of Lacrosse in action will know that it’s most notable for its pace across the field, the quick transitions between offense and defence, and the robust way in which players put their body on the line to check an opponent. At the same time, the raw skill involved in manoeuvring the stick to take a good shot at goal opens up some dynamic plays.

Casey Powell Lacrosse 18’s manual substitutions, enhanced shot selection options, and improved stick and body check balance all give lacrosse fans all the tools they need to play the game the way they would play the sport.

“The demand for a new Casey Powell Lacrosse game has been incredible, and we’re proud to be coming back with this new game,” Carlo Sunseri, founder of Crosse Studios, said. “Fans are going to love how fast, dynamic, and challenging the action is… especially when they’re playing with their team on their field for home team pride!”

“It’s great to see a committed developer team like Big Ant and Crosse Studios do Lacrosse justice in video game form” sporting legend, Casey Powell said. “There’s so much interest in the sport out there that fans have really deserved a quality take on Lacrosse. They got that with the original Casey Powell Lacrosse, and I’m happy to see that this one is bigger and better in every way.”

Casey Powell Lacrosse 18 will be available for digital download on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One online stores worldwide. 
Awesome, can't wait to check it out.?
I never picked up the first one but I will probably be tempted into this one.
Count me in, I liked 16 and it sounds like they have addressed some of the issues with it, face offs, control scheme etc. I'm a little disappointed with no PC version but not a deal breaker. Question: Is March 13th a worldwide release date ?
(02-24-2018, 02:39 AM)Eyeman79 Wrote: [ -> ]Count me in, I liked 16 and it sounds like they have addressed some of the issues with it, face offs, control scheme etc. I'm a little disappointed with no PC version but not a deal breaker. Question: Is March 13th a worldwide release date ?

Duh, never mind did not read the last sentence !
What teams will be in the game?
The 2016 version was a good first game.

I am hoping the second game improves on that experience.

A couple of critical issues I hope are addressed with the new version

I am hoping there will be an ability to create a lacrosse college franchise with a full league setup

A create a college league league is absolutely needed. A lot of people played D3 lacrosse and having the ability to build a league based of the D3 division and teams would be awesome. 


The ability to add all the D3 teams with their respective divisons
Ability to edit rosters and prestige (i.e Salisbury would not be the same as Milwaukee School of Engineering)
Recruiting during season to build your future squad. 
Teams lose players to graduation
Being able to edit team uniforms, team and division names, divisions and schedules
Ranking system based on Laxpower forumlas
Division playoffs, automatic bids etc
Player talent diversity (elite players would be like Powell, not-skilled players would be like the kid who just learned how to play)

I'm sure most of these issues have been addressed for the new game. I'd suggest the customization and ability to build a college franchise an absolute must. The graphics were fine for the 2016 version. Most of the issues I saw with the initial release was college league customization. Honestly, most former players played in D1/D3. Being able to add all the D3 teams would attract more to this game.
I actually like the "Box Art" even though it's digital only. A soon to be lost segment of gaming.
Need some gameplay soon, only a week away.
(03-07-2018, 07:35 AM)theaxe1606 Wrote: [ -> ]Need some gameplay soon, only a week away.

That would be nice but then again that's not really BA's thing is it ?A detailed features list would also be appreciated but I expect the same set up as their other games, for the most part seems to work.
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