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Full Version: AFLL Blobset Tools
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For the first time use, run AFLL Blobset Tools as a Administrator and select Options and click Change Folder Permissions.
After that, run the program as normal. This will give the program access to the game files, so there isn't any file access

To extract a Blobset file select Extract Blobset and pick a blobset file, example - (data-0.blobset.pc) and it will extract
it to the programs root directory - (AFLL Blobset Tools\data-0.blobset.pc).

Copy over your modded textures over to the AFLLMods folder in their corresponding folders, going off the WhiteList.txt.

TXPK files, place them in the (AFLLMods\txpk) folder.
M3MP files, place them in the (AFLLMods\m3mp) folder.
BSB Files, place them in the (AFLLMods\bsb) folder.
BMF Files, place them in the (AFLLMods\bmf) folder.
FSB files, place them in the (AFLLMods\sound) folder.

A jersey would go in this location - (AFLLMods\textures\uniforms\

For compressing a created blobset, select Options - Blobset Compression and tick the box.

To create a (data-2.blobset.pc) file with all the modded files, select Create Blobset and it will save it to the AFLL game
directory going off the AFLL Location.txt. So if your game location is different to the default, change it in that txt file.

AFLL Blobset