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Full Version: Day One Patch - Features
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  • Higher Graphical Fidelity on Players 

  • Truer ball paths 

  • Sliding animations on Clay 

  • Improved Degradation on Clay 

  • Improved Degradation on Grass 

  • Updated Player Roster 

  • Improved Blending between Animations 

  • Added More animation 

  • Improved Ball Physics 

  • Tuning of Difficulty
Sounds good. Especially the sliding on clay.
Interested in seeing footage with the new animation work.
Still waiting for the Xbox Day 1 Patch.................
Any updates on Xbox patch availability???????
Nothing yet sorry. We are working hard on getting this out ASAP
i want the refund of the game because your company is misleading advertising, I have the xbox one version, it lacks the career mode and some players, as the game is not over you must not sell it! thank you for repaying me as soon as.
Andre you could wait for the patch which for some reason has been held up on Xbox (as far as I know)... or you could contact your place of purchase in order to return the game as per whatever their refund policy is.
How about don’t realease a game that needs a day one patch!!!
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