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Full Version: Is the patch here already. Rugby League Live 4: Version 1.01 update file
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(07-27-2017, 04:47 PM)ak47 Wrote: [ -> ]BA aren't going to turn up tomorrow with the gag lifted and answer our questions. They will remain coy and will be happy to answer questions with good news. The pattern is behavioural and some of us have been around a decade. Not a few weeks.
We understand most games need patches. We don't understand why we need patches for things that didn't need them before.

I remember a time when i would pay for a game and would never get patched IE ARL 96 no net well maybe but was un heard of "Patches" back then..
Now Company release half ass games IE Mafia 3 over 20 some gig in patches still hasnt fixed it
(07-27-2017, 12:49 PM)Millsy Wrote: [ -> ]When I get it tomorrow arve I'll give it a chance for about a month or until the best sports game gets released in Sep NBA2K18.
Here's a hot tip - when a real patch is release make it decent, atleast 1gb + so it will actually fix things that need fixing, RLL3 patch was a joke & did nothing.

Another balla I enjoy playing 2k but that shits been broke for months now, jam park now and then I'm 100 wins positive in park so not that good
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