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Playing online to easy score from dummy half when close to the line.
(07-24-2017, 07:43 AM)Kingcutty Wrote: [ -> ]Playing online to easy score from dummy half when close to the line.

Do they still leave that massive gap!! as the did in RLL3 because that happened all the time
Unfortunately compressed defence is poor at the moment. It definitely needs retuning so that when you press L2 the players compress more shoulder to shoulder both in general play lining up and on the goal line. could maybe even in the future add the crouch animation and a low blocking tackle animation for players directly in line with the play the ball. to stop darts from dummy half.
(07-24-2017, 07:43 AM)Kingcutty Wrote: [ -> ]Playing online to easy score from dummy half when close to the line.

Yup, online cheese at its best. Abuse it while you can Big Grin
Give the players that dont play in the NRL an assortment of different coloured boots
Have the day one patch. There's a few things that need to be patched in an update sooner, rather than later.

Some of those things that I'd love to see patched are:

When playing in a side view, all of the skill moves (side-steps, fends) etc still operate in the same directions as the default view. Which is ridiculous, as you go to press towards the defensive line for a fend and end up side-stepping to the right. This also includes the defensive player selections not working properly (especially the HOLD DOWN R1 and move the direction stick). Making it damn near impossible to play.

The side-camera views themselves are definitely poorly considered coming from playing RLL2 RLL2-WCE and RLL3 (they might even be almost worse perspectives than RLL1 - and I'm not into exaggeration like that). You can't see the side-line down the bottom until you run into it or where you're kicking at times, you can't see the defensive line until they tackle you. Big Ant did a FANTASTIC job of side-view cams in 2 & 3, to the point that they were the best I'd ever seen in ANY Rugby or League game. It seems this has had very little attention this time around.

There's a other little things, some that don't come to mind right now, but one other is that the game seems too eager to end at half and full time now. You can have the ball go through the legs played and as long as dummy-half hasn't picked it up, it's still going to end the half.

It's a pretty great game now, but with the extra things you have to do on defence (L2 and the likes) the control is hard enough to get right without not being able to select the right players on defence (mostly on the side-views I play on). The L1 doesn't seem to really rotate through the 2-3 nearest that it's supposed to either.

Would be great if these get some consideration. Thanks very much for the game.
Hey guys, I've been trying to get in contact with big ant for ages now and if anyone is of any help I'd be over the moon! I've noticed a couple of things you could patch: Brisbane broncos Anzac jersey collar should be white instead of maroon, broncos heritage jerseys collar should be maroon instead of white, make the play the balls a bit quicker In game and don't make the play makers stand on the sidelines for In play kicks.

Please fix these big ant! Or if anyone can contact big ant for me and pass my patch ideas on I'll be stoked thanks everyone have a good day!!! And bring on RLL4!!!
Adding a be a pro camera and controlling 1 player only in any mode would be great.
Kaleb, they Read these forums daily... I'm sure they've already seen your post on this issue. Smile
Is it possible to patch the way the chip kick works? It seems like the ball can only travel forward. Can't do the old banana chip kick or angled chip kicks in general like in RLL3. Whenever I try to, the ball goes backwards.
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