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I have also found that if you put enough good kicks close to the corners the AI will run the ball over the dead ball line, when the full back or winger easily has enough space to turn back inside. Happens at least 50 percent of the time for me. has been a good way of getting field position whilst i have been learning the game, but is a clear bug.
The thing that gets on my nerves is that when I put a kick in closeish to the opposistion line and they gather it, it takes a couple of seconds for my team to be able to attempt to make a tackle even if they are right next to the man with the ball which often leads to them making 30 metres up field.
In 3 you could sub a player then swap posiotn with another in 4 it locks it so u would need to unpause it first which is crap
You can't cancel an interchange, and if you hit the wrong quick interchange by accident while defending you can't fix it despite having time to go and fix it if need be (considering subs are only maxe when you have the ball).
And line up view woth field position would be a big help, so we know which players are where on the field before kock off.
Another minor detail: When you score a try players don't normally turn their backs to the try scorer and pump their arms. Everyone runs in to congratulate. It looks silly when everyone just stands still and puts their arms up.
1 on 1 strips. Why remove them. Put them back
(08-17-2017, 12:35 PM)ak47 Wrote: [ -> ]1 on 1 strips. Why remove them. Put them back

But they were something that worked! (Once the timing issue was sorted out in a patch).

As a side view-player I'm pretty much having to shelve the whole game hoping that one day in the future Tru Blu will authorise a patch. Of course that'll involve waiting for PC to get a release, them testing it, them getting more patches, them testing those again, then approvals processes and who knows, sometime towards the end of the year we'll have a nice fixed game we can be proud of during the Rugby League Xmas season down-under. Maybe. If we're lucky.

Of course, it's all secret. Very. We only go out and buy these things like mugs.
New to this forum and this is my impression on this game and wish they could change in the next patch

1) player ratings to impact team ratings, too many players are unchanged or rated too well or too bad there is no balance, too many teams rated similar theres no diversity in the teams apart from jersey colors

2) offloads are useless

3) big hits too OP

3) Fends work like 1% of the time and if you do press up on the right stick they do a side step most of the time

4) The AI defense is too OP if you dont do a side step you can never break the line you can pass and pass they shut that hole up and react so quick its a joke

5) Passing is too slow they focused too much on this game using bigs to drive you up the field wing play is pointless you cant get the ball to them fast enough and the AI reacts too well

6) Kicking is hard when its 5th tackle, AI reacts too well you get tackled alot and if you do kick does every player have to catch it on the full? I try to aim in an angle to let it bounce and roll but it never does

7) Where is the game atmosphere, make the commentary and crowds start to cheer or boo or get louder in close games or at critical moments the crowd feels so mute and silent, make them cheer when a comeback is on etc.

8) Update some player images, Jack Bird does not look like that is a perfect example, player beards or haircuts are so off on some players or let us edit the player likeness and player attributes

9) Playing career mode the XP stats you get dont level up, it goes up and up as the rounds go by but when you shut the console and continue the season the XP reverts back to what you had before you started career mode
Really need to fix charge downs in the next patch. The ball seems to just go through my player (literally go through the player model) every time I try to charge down (using the square button). I've confirmed this via instant replay. There's therefore no way to obtain the Denier trophy (perform a successful charge down in extra time).
I think what needs to happen is the selectable plays need to be scrapped in favor of much faster play the balls so the tempo of the game can be sped up much more and so using holding in the tackle actually is of some value and risk and then you add tighter compressed defence to L2 so using controlled defensive movement actually has better benefit to a normal tackle with multiple tacklers and a good solid foundation for each play but using it brings more defenders into the tackle so is a risk for overlaps for possible offloads and quickly spread ball from a quick play the ball.

This way it brings a better balance and strategy options to the game for both attack and defence.
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