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Full Version: RLL4 TRAILER
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Thoughts on the new trailer that's just dropped today!
(05-31-2017, 03:04 PM)jmac6 Wrote: [ -> ]Thoughts on the new trailer that's just dropped today!

Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin
Faces look amazing but we aren't buying this for that. Imo the player movements look beyond poor. I have nothing good to say about the motion on that clip. Looks good when frozen.
A few players like Peats look off.

Milford is in the No.1 jumper?

They better not have fucked the wingers, centres, halfs and backrower sides up again. RLL3 had them fine. Just should have had the option to change which side for which number.
Well at least I can tell who the players are this time Smile
Your looking at a cut scene animation. I would reserve judgement until you see "gameplay" mechanics and content. Could it be that the english commentator can be selected for Superleague and Vossy for NRL? Hope so would be a nice addition for UK fans. Im wanting set plays and more depth in career mode. Wonder if referee likenesses are in this time
I have to be honest. I hate to say it but i'm a little let down by that trailer.

The graphics look no where near as good as RLL3. This is a large step backwards and tbh, it doesn't look great. The player movement looks strange, the atmosphere doesn't exactly feel like a big game and it's a bit weird having an english commentator for an Origin game lol.

In saying that, the player likenesses are awesome. Although the overall graphics aren't great, the player likenesses are! Pretty realistic.

What I want to know is, why does this look so different from the screenshots? The graphics in those looked friggin sick and on the trailer it is no where near that. Was the trailer not taken from the finished product or something? Surely those screenshots are what it will really look like. I'm really hoping this is the case.

Anyway, graphics aren't the most important thing anyway, gameplay is. I'm still looking forward to this regardless.

Sorry for being a bit negative but that's just how I feel.
I've watched this a few times and I'm distinctly underwhelmed. The likenesses are incredible and being from the UK I'm glad Eddie Hemmings is on board, but that's about it.

The pitch looks horrendous from that high view. The animations are pretty naff and the fireworks are horrendous. Obviously, we've had no gameplay yet, so I'll save my final judgement til then. I just hope Big Ant haven't spent ALL their time and budget of facial likeness's and nothing else

In all honesty, watch the Rugby League live 3 trailer again. It looks better than RLL4.
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