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Full Version: 2017 Likeness Help
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Anyone know where i can find the updated likeness of players so I can go ahead and start making 2017 teams? Any websites go that far into detail? I'd rather work of a page of each individual player that is legit stuff rather than buffing up the players stats at random
Have a look at my likenesses for NRL, Super League, International and the Two english championship comps. Search for Head_Shot_266 under the username tab in fanhub.

Also Dalek_Rob makes great likenesses for Holden Cup, Qld Cup, NSW Cup and more
Cheers, did you find the stats somewhere or just tune them to what you think would be right?
I tuned some stats and left others as default
There are quite a lot of sites with stats, but for a lot of players I had to go with default stats. Most NYC teams the players will average 54-67 mostly with a couple in the 70s. NSW cup and QLDcups players will average 54-72 with a few NRL players also in the mix with ratings over 75 and 80. has stats on both NRL and NYC. NYC database has a lot of players in the NYC and past stats in the NYC. Harold Matthews and sg ball are also on the net on the nswrl website. But for the most part it's really knowing your players.