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Full Version: Censor in player names
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I know that on the fanhub there needs to be a censor for inappropriate names etc, but I uploaded a team (Cronulla Sharks U20 with Bessie Aufaga-Tommaga being censored). Can the fanhub please be moderated to the point where if someones actual name contains profanity or censored names that the fan-hub can react appropriately and not just censor these names? It is frustrating when you place a team up to share and this happens particularly when there is no malice on my part to post inappropriate material.
Mate your Holden Cup teams are amazing! I have downloaded them all!
Thanks, it was very difficult to get pictures of all players, but luckily some players have Instagram pics and facebook hahaha. The only thing is about 20-25 players out of all the teams have inaccurate D.O.B. as some are from SG ball and Harold Matthews and developmental squads (like the Warriors have). I actually didn't think there would be much interest in them at all, I am quite surprised.
You've done an outstanding job! Always good to have up to date Holden Cup squads particularly for career when you want to sign a few young guns.
Hey Rob, how do I find your U20 teams on the Fanhub? What is your username?
(09-02-2016, 02:04 PM)kuwaiti kev Wrote: [ -> ]Hey Rob, how do I find your U20 teams on the Fanhub? What is your username?

Hey Kev its dalek_rob
Mate, awesome work! I'd just created my own in the last couple of days, now time to delete mine lol