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Full Version: Olympic Games
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Who misses the old Summer and Winter games that they had in the old days... makes me wish Big Ant would get into these games.

Can you imagine the detail they'd put into it.

Also... Rio Olympics 2016... I imagine it'd be something of a Cross-over of these previous games with GTA V. Think about it... it could be the best game ever!!!! Big Grin
Those old games were fun to play I remember International track and field in the arcades pumping a handful of 20 cent pieces in to slam the buttons in the 100 metre sprint those were the days where you could have hours of fun with a pocket full of loose change
Was just thinking that. With athlete career mode. Would be sick
I'd love an X-Games game cos I loved California Games as a kid and have been dreaming of something better ever since.

I know we've had Tony Hawk and others but a real X-Games game could be fantastic.