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Full Version: Round 8 2016 Updated Team List
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I have uploaded Round 8 Team list 2016 current to the NRL official web site. My team list has been based from the 2016 draft which was released by the NRL DEC 2015.
I have done my best to to update the included / excluded transfer though the extended roster may still be slightly out of date. I think I downloaded an updated Broncos and Raiders roster but the rest I did from scratch based on the original download of the game. Anyway as of Round 8 this is up to date.

Some players I had to download which I determined on # of downloads so I didn't create any of my own( props to all the hard work the authors did on those)
I'll do my best to keep these up to date but please these are a work in progress so refine, update and share. All of these NRL teams are listed under their official names with the author bernie.avenell (except for the Broncos, I updated a list by a guy named Sami, who does some brilliant work)