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Full Version: Thinking outside of box for sponsors.
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I've just come across the kickstarter page a little while ago, and read through some of the details about this project. I see how much has been raised plus the money needed for the different levels of add-ons for the game. I've been a fan of dirt track racing my entire life and would like to see a game like this come back to a console platform. I've had an idea if any Big Ant reps will take in to consideration. Try to contact different racing websites to see if they'll be will to sponsor, even it it's not a dirt racing specific organization. Like say 1320 Video. They aren't involved with dirt track but they film racing, and a lot of it. Maybe work a deal that they post the kickstarter on their facebook where there are a over a million people that like the page over 3 million to be exact. No telling how many people would support the game, and back it. Maybe have 1320 has a sponsor offer at a point in the game. I don't know just my two cents on trying to get this more publicity. I'm not affiliated with 1320 but they are known through out the drag racing scene and i know a lot of people that do both drag, and dirt racing.
I am still hoping I can hit the lottery and just write a check for that 1.5 mark.