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Full Version: What This Game Needs
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So here are a few things this game needs coming from a driver.

1. Real time physics. The tracks need to have a cushion develop over the race. This is an absolute must! Tracks don't stay the same all night. Also a nice thing would be dust. It gets dusty during races. Plain and simple.

2. Let us control the car the entire time. This means under caution, rolling starts and all that. Along with that show the push trucks pushing cars off. Just a cool little feature.

3. Sound, This will be a big factor. Get out to the tracks and record the cars on track. This means Sportsmans, 360s, 410s, Late Models, Mods, Midgets, Street Stocks.

4. Full car fields. A typical race weekend at a local track will have anywhere from 20 to 35 cars depending on class, track, event. Make it to where there are a number of Heat races and mains to have this. Example A, B, C, D mains. Number of mains depending on what event you are racing. If its a local event just one main for each class. If its a national event say ASCS National, WoO, Texas Sprint League then accommodate the mains.

5. Real Damage. Say a car spins out, hits the inside fence and bends an axle "that's fixable" they can continue. But a car flips and obviously cant race, they don't continue. This has been a issue with past dirt track games where cars that flip still race with wing damage. This needs to be looked at.

6. Career Mode. When I think of a "Career Mode" I think of a couple things. One being start on local tracks trying to gain sponsors, money, wins, local track championships and working your way towards a series or many series of your choice. Don't let us jump right into a 410 Sprint Car in the WoO. That's just not how it happens. Make us work for it. Two being, make an option where you can be a driver or an owner or an owner/driver. Also have a calendar. Example. Theres a race at a couple local tracks but you only have enough money to enter one of the two events. Make us choose where we want to race that weekend until we build up enough money to go to both.

7. Drivers. We need all the drivers from ASCS, WoO, Aussie Sprints, Texas Sprint League. If we cant have them all it wont be AS realistic. Maybe even get a few local guys from each state. Say the top 3-5 guys?

These are just a few ideas from a driver and fan of the sport. Ive pledged and really hope im playing this SIM not game cause we want a simulator not a game, next year.