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Full Version: Proper Seasons
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One thing I find missing in games now is a proper season/career. The old Ratbag games were great and I still consider WoO 2012 one of the best careers there was. I would like to build rivalries and know who Im racing against for championships and season rankings. I am just a racing fan and would buy a great racing game regardless of racing type if the career/seasons were set up properly.

Thanks BigAnt for going forward with this, its been too long since there was a proper racing game.
I think that the career mode will be the biggest thing with this game. I think that online will be huge if they could get it, but I still love career. I really hope they hit the career mode on this game. From the interview Charles had yesterday, it sounds like they are planning on having an amazing career mode. Lets just hope this game actually happens.
I think career is going to be the main focus of this simulator. I don't want "a game" I want a true Dirt Track sim.