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Full Version: Please please please!!!!!
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I am getting ready to donate to the cause of 100.00, please big ant whatever you do make late models the focus of this game. This is the main reason I personly want this game to happen. This could be one sweet game with a couple regional series in different parts of the country plus the two main series. Has anyone invloved in this game making reached out to the major sponsors like craftsman and Lucas oil for sponsorship dollars to make this happen? A person would think that those two companies would love to be let of this reality!!!
I am not on the Big Ant team but I have reached out to every track on the WoO tour all of the ASCS tours, MAVTv, Craftsman, One Dirt, Just Dirt Productions, local tracks, drivers, teams. Whoever runs Big Ants Facebook messenger will vouch for me. Check out my posts on their FB.

Danny Leslie