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Full Version: Dirt Track Kickstarter Campaign
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Let's get this done race fans. You asked for it, now it's our chance to make it happen.

kickstarter campaign.

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Official website.
I'll have to look into this, At this stage I'm looking at.


All rewards available in the A MAIN Tier

Ability to submit an Official Bronze Rating race team to be available in retail release of the game with customized artwork, car livery and uniforms

Bronze rated teams will have the performance and budget to compete in events with purses up to $25,000

Ability to submit 5x customized likenesses for driver and crew roles to be included in retail releases with customized uniform.

On the bold part, is that customized livery by Big Ant or by submission... likewise with Uniform (are uniforms based on those created with submitted likenesses that are created in the FanHub / Academy)?


Thanks Guys, making this "sticky".
Looks great, hopefully word spread far and wide and you rake in the money. I was just hoping for 4 player split screen... but reading the "Racing Essentials $392,500" section... I'm not obsessed with online racing, but I could be if that happens.
Only thing wrong with that picture Ruck is the glare is blocking out Big Ants name lol.
Yeah I noticed that Axe.. but then dreams of playing with the Academy and possibly even modding livery down the track clouded my mind. Big Grin
Just make the editing of the cars unlimited making it be able to put our own logos on the car to create old awesome drivers cars or our own crazy car with sponsors and the multiplayer awesome 4 way split screen and against an entire field of cars not just one on one because my mates and I play 2002 ratbag outlaws still on ps2 just to play multiplayer and we stay up all night doing it !! And make little series we can make up instead of making it up on paper hahah
This sounds cool I think I will have to make a pledge
So if I pledge $69 that will get me a copy of the game on a ps4?
I am a little confused on the 99 and the 199 packages. I get that you get the game and all of the stuff before that, but then what is the thing with going with bronze or silver packages? It says racing for 25k, but in what? Career mode? And what is the racing team? Is that like a career mode of some sort, or is that for just casual racing? I am pumped for the game! August 2017 cant get here soon enough!
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