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Full Version: Rugby League 2: World Cup Edition glitch (remember this game?)
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Was playing RL2: World Cup Edition for the hell of it, then about halfway through the first half, I got hit with some Sidhe HES cheese. It was last tackle in the Wests Tigers' set, and I managed to get them before they kicked the ball. The referee called the handover and called the mark so the Titans (the team I was using) could begin their set. Our set never really began, because the Tigers picked the ball back up and ran with it to the try line, and put it down. But it didn't count as a try. It counted as a lost ball or something, so I picked it up and "scored". And it just went on and on like this till I kicked a field goal and the ball got stuck. I chucked it up on YouTube, the video in question is here:

Anywho, have you guys ever gotten any glitches like that while playing the Sidhe rugby league games?
wow, u still play Sidhe RL2? That game is over 10yrs old
I still play a lot of PS2 games, half the time they are better than what's put out today, since a lot of games seem to focus on graphics over gameplay.