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Full Version: PS4 / XBOX ONE Update when to expect
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(11-18-2015, 03:22 PM)gunns85 Wrote: [ -> ]Not asking on a date, the question is before or after xmas???? answer could be : we are expecting it out before xmas everything goes to plan!! OR no it wont be out until after xmas!!!

Don't see why its so hard to give a thought on it should / not be!!

Don't want to affect X-mas sales?
Don't sell your copy Shaun. Stick it out. You will only have to buy game again when patch releases.
I won't say I won't buy a BA game again, but it won't be on release day.
Come on guys. Keep the faith. This is rugby league we're talking about here. The greatest game in the world. And, thanks to BA, we can all play this wonderful game on our tv screens via a pc or games console. It's a representation of the game. Play it. Enjoy it.
(11-18-2015, 02:51 PM)HBK619 Wrote: [ -> ]We are not holding back anything, we want it out as soon as possible. It is out of our hands as to how quickly it gets to the public.

So - this means you've submitted a (final) patch release and it's waiting for an external third party to approve?
Will the update come out on the ps3 too?
(11-19-2015, 12:33 AM)mattweeden Wrote: [ -> ]Will the update come out on the ps3 too?

Yes, it will come to all consoles.
This looks promising! Taken from the PC Beta thread
(11-12-2015, 02:52 PM)HBK619 Wrote: [ -> ]
(11-12-2015, 02:28 PM)mattw36 Wrote: [ -> ]So it appears that work is being put into applying the changes made on the PC version to the console versions, which is really great to see for console players especially.

However I am curious as to whether the this means tuning and balancing changes are now done for the public beta considering there hasn't been any in a couple weeks?

We are focusing on getting consoles patches at this point in time so there haven't been Steam updates for a week or so.

We're going to try and get some PC specific fixes out soon, but there's not ETA on that.
LMAO, considering that post was from before all the "smashing" on here, I'd say that it's more likely that Big Ant were already working on it.
(11-21-2015, 04:28 PM)T-BAG SNAG Wrote: [ -> ]How long Ruck? Fallout 4 is apparently about to receive its first patch apready and here we are 2.5 months since release and nothing still.

How long? Don't care personally... it'll come out when it's ready and I'm having fun playing RLL3 (and other games) in the meantime.

Fallout 4 isn't one of them though... although I did read the following that made sense.

"Bethesda says it will start with a beta patch available to Steam users before finally making the full release available to PC players then console gamers."

Patience is the key, so to help... here is a picture of a dog in a door(way). Smile