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Full Version: PS4 / XBOX ONE Update when to expect
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(04-02-2016, 11:59 PM)Ross Wrote: [ -> ]Now that RC3 is done I think it a reasonable expectation that the focus at Tru Blu will shift to the RLL3 patches.

I might be looking too much into this post. But it could refer to one of 2 things

Firstly, BA have been informed that the patch is next on TBs list

OR secondly, BA have had enough of the delay themselves (which I can't blame seeing as they are the only ones actually fronting up and communicating to us)

Will be interested to see what transpires over the next month or two.
Lol page 50 for this topic...
and into the sixth month........

Patch out maybe as soon as tomorrow!

Tru Blu Entertainment Pty. Ltd. is happy to announce that the long awaited patch for Rugby League Live 3 will be releasing on the 7th of April. Availability may vary up to 24 hours subject to your time zone.
Thanks for that Border... nice work. Smile
Does anyone know what'll be in the patch?
(04-06-2016, 08:23 PM)Tezza1221 Wrote: [ -> ]Does anyone know what'll be in the patch?

This is what I know of so far. There's a possibility that there will be more fixes and tuning.


Corrected Holden Cup selection issues.
Corrected issue for kicking after intercepts.
Corrected AI teammates going for ball on short kick off.
Corrected teammate AI running ahead of PTB at goal line.
Corrected ball being passed to sky issue.
Corrected one instance of kick off crash.


Tuned Pro difficulty evasion chance down for AI, increase chance of evasion for user.
Tuned AI passing chance, increase intelligence of passes.
Tuned AI offloading chance.
Tuned forwards drive in tackle chance in one on one tackles.
Tuned ball strip occurrence chance and defend button press amount.
Tuned held in tackle penalty chance on Veteran and Legend difficulties.
Tuned switch to closest player button to better switch to closest player from ball.
Tuned Full Back positioning and movement in one on one situations.
Tuned stamina drain for big hit tackles.


Added ball strip ability to B (still on Y).
Added new loading screen information and tips.
It's funny because I had a dream last night that it was going to be released.
No chance to change jerseys?