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Full Version: PS4 / XBOX ONE Update when to expect
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What exactly is the hold up?
(03-31-2016, 09:46 AM)drewey78 Wrote: [ -> ]What exactly is the hold up?

Haha this is the questsion people have been asking for MONTHS! TruBlu are the hold up, but reasons aren't being explained.... They are silent on the fact actually.
is there a way to email Tru blu or would it be a complete waste of time?
(03-31-2016, 06:21 PM)Rock Wrote: [ -> ]is there a way to email Tru blu or would it be a complete waste of time?

Many have emailed and I believe a lot have called. I think it's a waste of time. They will release it when they feel like it. I can't imagine any technical reason that couldn't have been fixed over the last 6 months. Right now they are probably focused on getting their long (un)anticipated Rugby Challenge 3 out the door,so wouldn't look for anything before that.

BTW I own Big Ants LaCrosse 16. Has been out for 3 weeks already has a patch/update. Amazing what can be done when Tru Blu isn't in the way!
Tru Blu are useless. Pity the NRL rights are owned by Big Ant. Tru Blu are clueless
Is there going to be a patch or update for Xbox in the future and if so when to expect it?
Yes there will, but as per page 46 of this thread (which I merged yours with rlfan19), Big Ant will let us know as soon as they can but they will not guess / estimate / predict when to expect it when it is out of their hands.
So it's been months since release and still no news on when the patch will come out but of a joke if you ask me I have bought rl1 2 and 3 on release and have put up with it all not sure if I will again

Cheers mate didn't notice this thread only just got back on the forums haven't needed it because I've gone back to rll2
No problem. PC has had an update but the consoles aren't as quick on the uptake. I'm still enjoying it on PS4 though, should fire up the PC version tomorrow.
Definetley I play the game every time I go I xbox but the game has too many flaws/glitches/inaccuracies too be a good game. The glass is
Half full not half empty