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Full Version: PS4 / XBOX ONE Update when to expect
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Hello, this isn't a push at BA or a jibe - I am just wondering, whilst at work, whether I can expect to go home tonight and hopefully be able to boot up the game, as it's been untouched since a week after release, due to the awful 'Pro' difficulty balancing... I would much like to play this already! Smile

Is there an ETA on a console patch? Or has it been released?
I can't answer your question, but I am playing the public beta and as one of those who has had a problem with pro difficulty I can say there has been a great deal of improvement. The game plays smoother, no more "hot potato" by the AI. Don't get me wrong I still rarely win but at least I feel I am more competitive. The AI still bounce of my tackles and score on 50M runs to often but maybe that's my defense.
My guess is one more update to the beta and then it's off to Sony and MS.
We're still working towards getting consoles patches as soon as possible.

We're ensuring that everything that goes out will be safe and not compromise anyone's data now or in the future, it does take a little bit of time to ensure we're not rushing something to market.
Can you give us even the slightest indication - are we looking at weeks or are months a more realistic time? Obviously whatever you say isn't set in stone, but it'd be nice to have a bit of an indication is all.
I agree with Shaun - someone from BA said, last week, in the other PS4 thread that the patch was almost finalised... this usually gives the indication of days.

It's just simply, I can't bear playing this game in it's current state - there's no fun having a too easy/too hard setting, it makes starting a career a bit redundant at the moment. I'd love to sit down and get into it properly...
Due to circumstances potentially occurring out of our control we don't want to give finite dates to things.

I can assure you we're attempting to get things through as soon as absolutely possible.
What improvements will the patch provide? I'm enjoying the game as it is......albeit on amateur level.
You have to fix the auto substitutions on online games. With auto subs turned off they still happen after you make your first change. IT even automatically brings injured players on the field
(11-12-2015, 08:34 PM)Frankieabbott Wrote: [ -> ]What improvements will the patch provide? I'm enjoying the game as it is......albeit on amateur level.

The following things:
Tuned online leaderboard result balance (wins awarded against quitters).
Tuned online kick off trajectory.
Tuned injury chance for rookies in career mode.
Tuned AI passing chance, increase intelligence of passes.
Tuned held in tackle penalty chance on Veteran and Legend difficulties.
Tuned Pro difficulty evasion chance down for AI, increase chance of evasion for user.
Tuned ball strip occurrence chance and defend button press amount.
Tuned forwards drive in tackle chance in one on one tackles.
Tuned switch to closest player button to better switch to closest player from ball.
Tuned Full Back positioning and movement in one on one situations.
Tuned stamina drain for big hit tackles.
Tuned AI scoot frequency.
Tuned chip kick distance.
Tuned user held in tackle time on Veteran and Legend difficulties.
Minor UI text colour changes.

Added in option to coach representative sides in coach career mode.
Added ability to select controlling side in coach career mode.
Added ability to select jerseys before match in career mode.
Added Challenge Cup format to Career mode.
Added 3, 7 and 15 minute half options.
Added visuals updating in career when altering them from FanHub.
Added player name HUD for opposition offence.
Added off-screen pass icon player identifier.
Added ability to view skills and attributes in team management screen in career mode.
Added ability to view skills and attributes in recruiting screen in career mode.
Added ability to copy official player attributes to custom player.
Added ball strip ability to B (still on Y).
Added new loading screen information and tips.
Added option to enable or disable offside indicator.

Fixed issue with be a pro not calculating extra time in simulation.
Corrected Super 8s format.
Corrected passing icons to show up quicker when holding pass button.
Corrected Video Ref logo in Super League.
Corrected London Broncos commentary name.
Corrected Halifax and Workington Town Home and Away Jerseys.
Randomise Auckland Nines pools fixtures after 2015 in career mode.
Reserve lineup selection in Competition mode allowed.
Corrected cheerleaders position at Remondis Stadium.
Corrected a penalty kick rule error.
Corrected a try line ruling issue.
Corrected shift left and right tactics error.
Corrected Holden Cup selection issues.
Corrected issue for kicking after intercepts.
Corrected AI going for ball on short kick off.
Corrected teammate AI running ahead of PTB at goal line.
Corrected incorrect shift left and right tactics.
Corrected ball being passed to sky issue.
Corrected one instance of kick off crash.
Corrected rate of Locks being generated throughout career.
Corrected simulation errors after being substituted in Be A Pro.
Corrected incorrect tackle restart scenario.
Corrected short kick exploits.
Corrected feeder club issue in Super 8s and Challenge Cup formats.
(11-13-2015, 09:28 AM)HBK619 Wrote: [ -> ]
(11-12-2015, 08:34 PM)Frankieabbott Wrote: [ -> ]What improvements will the patch provide? I'm enjoying the game as it is......albeit on amateur level.

The following things:


Thanks for posting a list of the corrections/fixes/additions.

I had noticed there wasn't anything about seeing your opponents selected player for online matches.

In RLL2, when you played online, you couldn't tell which player the opposition had selected (and they couldn't see who you had selected).

Would this be easy enough to change? When rushing their line as a defender, it's nice to know they aren't sure which player you are using to rush the line.