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Full Version: PS4 / XBOX ONE Update when to expect
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How can a finished patch - NOT be released?

What a strange world we live in...
Auckland 9s is this weekend, I said it would be released around the time of the 9s, lets see if I was on the money, or will the game continue to collect dust
(02-05-2016, 12:40 AM)Hartyharty Wrote: [ -> ]the game continue to collect dust

This is mine at the moment. Sadly, without a patch released, it's a paper weight for me at the moment.
Fortunately I don't share that opinion, sure... with the patch it'll be better... but I'm still enjoying it. Smile
My copy of Don Bradman is played daily while my copy of Rugby League Live 3 has not been used since early November
I might share that opinion but the PS3 doesn't get much love these days. I should get DBC on PS4 and then I'd get more cricket in... but Rugby League officially starts tomorrow. Big Grin
After the Auckland Nines I'm gonna get more impatient waiting for the actual NRL season to begin..
A full day of watching Rugby League and then some 2 v 2 Nines action on RLL3. Smile It's been a good day, and another day to go.
It plays great on the PC version Big Grin
Plays great on the PS4 version IMO. I've had very few issues and I'm still enjoying it... to the point that my PC copy is struggling for game time. Smile