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Full Version: PS4 / XBOX ONE Update when to expect
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Seeing alot of posts being deleted here, not showing the true story of what's been said.

I do remember seeing a post from Ross asking that fairly rude chappy sometihng along that lines of 'how do you know that we are not following it up with tru blu' - Okay not in those words

My question is, are you following it up with Tru Blu? Seems odd that TB would hold up a patch when their product is being slated. And it certainly isn't fair on BA if that's the case.
The deletes are of superfluous, repetitive posts. There are only so many times we can say that it's not our game and we have no ability to submit patches for it, and that further, we are legally bound not to disclose anything about the game that is not already public knowledge without direct permission from Tru Blu.

Regardless of my clear posts on the matter some people decided to post that BA said a patch would be available for console within a couple of weeks of November, there is no such statement. They continued on that line so are gone (as are their posts).

I pass on to Tru Blu the sentiment of their customers towards the patch that is on PC and have indicated to them that they should release an equivalent patch on the Consoles at the earliest opportunity.

I am not passing the buck or shirking responsibility, I simply cannot answer for Tru Blu's schedule on patch releases and whatever dependencies they might have on their release timing.

Tru Blu are contactable - anyone that wants direct answers that I cannot give should call them.
Hey Ross,

howcome you are allowed to release patches for PC but not for consoles? Or was that TB's call??
It's a subtle thing to notice but we are the "publisher of record" for RLL3 on Steam, even so I still need direct approval from Tru Blu and the NRL.

Simply put, I have an agreement that we can release patches on the Steam Beta branch without much fuss - we need full approvals to move code from the Beta branch to the main branch.

I know I've said it before, but it bears repeating, the Steam patch was released very, very quickly and there was a lot of iteration based on feedback from you guys. If we had the same ability to do this for console then we certainly would have, why wouldn't we? (I'm not a masochist!!)
so another words, you can pretty much make the PC version a totally different game than the console version if you wanted to?
We could with the approval of Tru Blu and the NRL.

The mods already make it look different.
Ross, I don't want to cross any lines here, but the patch work that has been done on the PC beta version is that easy enough to use on the consoles or are you having to bascialy redo it all over again for the consoles?
The code is reasonably alike, the difference is the approvals processes.
Ross, can't you stick a rocket up their asses to speed up the process???
I know you're probably getting sick of this question Ross, but is there any word on a possible release for this patch yet? Also on a side note I made a video on the IGN awards to let my viewers know to vote so hopefully that can push it over the edge