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Full Version: Leeds vs New Zealand
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Just over 27 minutes in, 6-0 to Leeds.
Errors galore, but this is an absolutely fantastic game!

6-10 to NZ.

Still a tight game, Isaac Luke showiny why he's the best Hooker in the world. Tom Briscoe saving two tries, absolutely class player, very unlucky not to get selected for England, but I doubt Leeds fans are complaining now. Wink

Leeds youngsters giving a very good show.
But... are those camera men pissed? Fall for a dummy that happened three seconds ago. Made the game very difficult to watch, but they seem to have sobered up abit towards the end.
Miss the good old days of proper Kangaroo Tours.

Always enjoyed the Club v Touring Country games. Guess the Kiwis can enjoy it a little bit too.

Remember my favourite player Andrew Ettingshuasen having two fantastic Kangaroo Tours in 1990 and 1994. But he and his centre partner Mark McGaw didn't enjoy it when playing FOR Leeds when the 1986 Kangaroos played them.