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Full Version: Why I think the Perk system has so much potential
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The last few years in sports game (particularly EA ones) the concept of “Ultimate Team” has emerged and become extremely popular. I believe this particular game mode adds a level of depth and replayability that has benefited both the players and publishers of these particular sports titles.

I also believe if Big Ant continue the franchise of RLL into RLL4 they already have made many additions that would be applicable to an “Ultimate Team” style mode.
The additions in RLL3 that I feel would be very useful in the development of an UT mode are:

- Locked skills/attributes/perks for licensed players
- The perk system
- Player cards in the style of old footy cards (simple but already in place and essential for this type of mode)

The perk system is something I really think has potential and can be altered somewhat in the future regardless of the existence of an Ultimate Team mode or not.

Currently a player can only have 1 of 3 perks, those being Kicking, Tackling and Speed. I have found this isn’t exactly giving players their fair representation. For example Cooper Cronk could not have both Speed and Kicking as players are limited to 1 perk. Also, the Kicking perk provides many players who kick in-play (halves) the ability to kick goals as well, over-saturating the pool of goal-kicking players in the game.

The suggestion I would make is a system where the 3 current perks are decomposed and combined with a further collection of perks (let’s say 10 in total). For example, Goal Kicking, In-play kicking, Speed, Tackling, Driving, Passing, Evasion, Offloading etc.

For players, there would be some sort of “Star” rating out of 5. For each star a player has they can obtain one perk. Players could be divided into these ratings (can also have the cards for UT match the stars)

1 Star – Reserve Grader
2 Stars – Average Player
3 Stars – Good Player
4 Stars – Rep Player (could be a Silver Card)
5 Stars – Legendary Player (also could be a Gold Card)

So for example, Johnathon Thurston could be a 5 star player with the perks Goal Kicking, In-game Kicking, Tackling, Evasion, and Passing. Whilst an average NRL player like say Jeff Robson would just have In-game kicking and Passing.

The current skills/attributes would still apply and be granted the same way however would need to be globally lowered somewhat to allow room for the variety of perks to make a difference.

I feel with this method great players would hold more value in the game, rather than an 85 player (average NRL player) not feeling too different to a 90 player (rep level player) in the current system. Also, goal kickers would become far more valuable (as they currently are in the NRL) and important to say, an Ultimate Team.

Taking it further the star system could be applied to Be A Pro. At Holden Cup/Reserve grade level you attain 1 star and 1 perk. Play a season of NRL you get 2 stars/perks. Play rep football get to 4 stars/perks, win a couple premierships and become legendary with 5 stars and so on. Combined obviously with the skill/attribute system.

Anyway this is just my idea on how the Perk system can be built up (would take a fair amount of balancing) to benefit the current game, Pro mode and possibly open the door for more modes (Ultimate Team?). Something to think about for RLL4 (still way too early I know).

Thanks if you read it!
great post!!
and make some special diamond/platinum ultra rare 6 star cards "Immortals"
Could even have Ultimate Team "legends" with the likes of Fittler, Johns, Lewis etc