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Full Version: NBA 2K16 impressions/discussion thread
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I picked my pre-order on Friday so I thought i'd share some thoughts about this game...

I'm not a big fan of linear storylines in sports titles (Fight Night Champion and Prizefighter spring to mind. Both were  rubbish...) so I haven't gone beyond creating/editing my player. I didn't bother spending a minute on last years version either.

The same can be said about online. The input lag I found in 2K11(?) has put me off for good. Other sports titles do a a really good job but 2K have a history of bad; anything online! Online leagues between some locals would be crazy fun, but I think i'll skip this part of the game too.

Luckily, I have a lot of fun and get more satisfaction from playing their Association type (MyLeague and MyGM) modes.

But apart from those two personal "cons", 2K16 is by far the best sports game available and will probably (figuratively... although soon, I may need to literally) sit on that throne for a long time. The amount of editing we have is beyond what I thought VC would include and gives the game replay value far beyond the 2015-2016 NBA season.

Graphically the game is something else. I remember seeing the 2K14 ad for next gen consoles and was blown away at the realistic detail they showed. Then there was the Lebron facial showcase clip for the same game, which hammered the point home. And I always wandered "how would they top that"?

Two years later, they release 2K16 and the result is two years better by their standards but half a dozen by others. No exaggeration... and that extends beyond the scanned player models and faces to the presentation, UI, soundtrack, crowd interaction with on court action, pre-game and half-time shows, gameplay...

...speaking of gameplay...

...NBA 2K16's on court action has no equal (maybe JLR on PS1) in terms of realism (ok, maybe not on this front...) and immersion, and stands at least 2 feet taller (I wish I was a baller, I wish I had a girl, who looked good, I would call her...) than any other sports title on the market right now. 2K/VC have added so much to this part of the game, it makes you wander what other AAA developers are doing.

The amount of control you have of your team from pre tip-off right to the end of the fourth quarter is amazing (lives here...). If you play or watch basketball and have a next gen console or a pc, then you probably own this game, if not, 2K16 needs to be added to the collection, right next to RLL3; but maybe inside the console or rig, whichever you have. Doesn't really matter but just make sure RLL3 isn't far away or stacked behind a bunch of other games that you could trade in like MGS 5 or GTA V or another fith installment title or blu rays that you don't actually watch. Put them on trademe. I did, and got some good coin to put towards games, formula etc etc... AAAaanyway!