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Full Version: Who will win the 2015 NRL grand final?
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I am tipping the Broncos to win in a thriller. However, even if we lose I will be happy for the Cowboys. It is great to have an all QLD finalBig Grin #C'mon Titans
Hash tags support of the Gold Coast. Has the Raiders logo as avatar but also says he's a Broncos fan.

You're a bit confused, sir.

North Queensland I hope. I think Brisbane will take it though.
(09-27-2015, 05:16 PM)SOR Wrote: [ -> ]Hash tags support of the Gold Coast. Has the Raiders logo as avatar but also says he's a Broncos fan.

You're a bit confused, sir.

North Queensland I hope. I think Brisbane will take it though.

Haha I only like the Titans because; a)they are Queenslanders and b) I feel sorry for them-they have had a rough time of late. And the Raiders have the best logo by far, it is indisputable.
One of the best grand finals in RL history is over and here are my thoughts:
-First of all I am extremely proud of the Broncos for going from a team just scraping into the 8 to a GF team, especially without their best prop
-While I am disappointed about us losing I am also very happy for the Cowboys for winning their maiden premiership
-Some Bronco's player has some voodo magic or something because I have no idea how Thurston's conversion missed. Gave me a heart attack when it started curving in even though part of me wanted it to go in
-For once the two best teams in the competition made it to the GF. It makes a welcome change for all the times the Bulldogs or some other underdog team comes from nowhere and makes the GF. The Roosters also would of been worthy of being part of this GF
-It was a great game in every aspect but the killer to both sides was mistakes under pressure. The Cowboys had multiple chances to score more tries but fluffed them in the final straight. Then there is Ben Hunt.
-What was Ben Hunt thinking? It just shows how pressure gets to you when you least want it to and how easy it is for you to choke. I just hope the media doesn't blame him for the loss and leaves him alone considering he was one of the main reasons for the Broncos to rise to the GF
-The Cowboys shoud not of scored that last try. Blair and Thaiday smashed Thurston throughout the night hut when it mattered they couldn't make the matchwinning grab. He slipped the pass out and Morgan played a desperate card, running the ball. It paid off quite obviously but the play should of been shut down before it could get out of hand
-The Broncos were too cautious taking the second 2 points. Tbh a 4 point lead means practically nothing with Thurston kicking goals and I am still sure that final conversion was going in. If the Broncos scored a try there the game would be basically out of reach for the cowboys. You could argue that since the game went to golden point taking the 2 was the right call but I would disagree with you.
-They were also failed to pressure the Cowboy's backline. Too many balls went into touch that should of been in the air, scoring a potential try. They are a defensive team but tonight they took it too seriously. They also leaked tries on their own line, which is unlike them
-Bring on next year! The Broncos are going to be a firing force for the next few years so be prepared!
P.s. Quite obviously I was able to watch the game at the 18th. Turns out there was a few other NRL fans there so we got a T.V.
Awesome game indeed. even though hunt done those crucial errors late in the game, Cowboys had so much opportunity to score even when thurston through a pass for linnet to score in a massive hole yet he put it down. Pressure i guess.

never the less nice to see cowboys win there first Grand Final
Thought Blair or Milford might have been close to best players on the park ahead of JT.

Good game in the first half, then Broncos shut up shop in the 2nd. Fatal.

Bennett's comments that "Cowboys were not the better then us" because they only beat us by a point (due to his dislike for extra time) were laughable. Bitter old twisted fool.

But im sure the Cows dont care, winners are grinners. Enjoy.
Yeah it was a pretty spiteful comment to make but both teams play with the same rule so it was fair and I reckon if they won he wouldn't of said that. Smile
That was one of the greatest games Ive ever seen. I still can't get over that 80th minute try.

Get a load of Wayne Bennett also, "We should replay the Grand Final next week". If he won, he wouldn't of been saying that.
LOL.. missed Bennett's sulking.

Great finish to the game... that try was awesome and I'm glad that the Cowboys got their first title. Big Grin
Damn straight.
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