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Full Version: NBA 2K16...WOW...and not in a good way.
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All I will say about gameplay is, it's good.

My experience today after 3 hours of playing.

After the first install, the game would load but freeze at the player creation section (the first thing you do) and absolutely choke up my PC, which just doesn't happen.

After the second install everything seems good, I created my player and began my "BAP" career and then the other issues started.

If you haven't played an NBA 2k game recently, it has a story to it with a lot of cut scenes.

First of all, and this is the case for any NBA 2k game, it doesn't matter how white you make yourself, you sound black (with no voice choices at all) and in this case, your family is black and you live in Harlem and the commentators repeatedly mention what a tough upbringing you have had in Harlem.

The cut scenes have a number of issues, from as simple as missing voices to crashing the game.

Now, onto getting into a game. It will go into presentation before a game, normally you will hear the sounds and then the picture will pop up a second later showing the crowds, players etc. but probably 50% of the time the game will hang on the black screen and you can just hear the noise or get into the video but the camera will just keep panning back out of the stadium, the game and into nothingness.
If you get to the tip off, the buzzer will go in the arena but the ref will just stand there doing nothing, A work around I found for this is to pause, make a change to any setting (you have to make a change so the game saves something) and then the game will begin.

I mentioned earlier the game chocking my PC. Now my PC is nothing special (like say ET's) but it's good and no other games slow my PC down like this game when it crashes, and it doesn't crash to the desktop, it just freezes and you have to C.A.D out to close the game which can take a while.

This is a perfect example of a AAA title with just as many, and maybe more serious issues than a game like RLL3.

There will most likely be a patch but not until the 29th as this is the early release bonus for pre-ordering but, it is extremely annoying.

Thought I might also add that there's a series of games you play before the draft but you don't earn any $ or skill points from them so when you get drafted all the other young guys have progressed to 60-70 and you're left in the 50s which is even worse when you start in the NBA as you're against 80s and 90s.
"This is a perfect example of a AAA title with just as many, and maybe more serious issues than a game like RLL3." - yeah I see the Steam version is running comments at Positive (212) vs Negative (274).

That can't be right? Maybe let a certain reviewer know about this given he specifically mentions that game? Actually don't worry, he's too busy throwing the last of his toys from his pram and rage editing his "review" on a daily basis.

Surprised he didn't go the whole hog "belongs on a Megadrive", at least that'd be amusing, unlike decades old Simpsons references that are the last resort of a reviewer with a vacuous uninspiring mind caught in a creativity drought.